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  1. I kind of knew it was coming because of how late it was to hear back, and I'm a little upset but I can't change the past. I'll apply again next year and with another year of experience maybe it will turn out better. This September I am starting my master's degree so that's what I'll be doing for the next year along with medical school applications unfortunately.
  2. Congratulations!! Hopefully there is still enough movement left for me lol but super happy for you! Maybe I'll be the one to start the thread next year and I'll get in
  3. I'm planning on pursuing a master's degree and re-applying next year with more solid research ECs under my belt and possible publications. Honestly coping right now is really hard. Some days I feel really bad as if I wasn't good enough at my best to get a spot, and some days I feel decent knowing that I have a plan for next year though. I totally feel what you mean by it stinging getting this close and not making it (as of yet). We should keep our heads up and re-apply next year using the experiences from this year to our advantage! Who knows how many people got in this year that were in our e
  4. From what I understand, this is the only big wave. The rest is a slow trickle until the class completely fills up.
  5. I'm going to be frantically refreshing this thread and my email for the rest of the day in hopes of receiving something. What an anxious day :(
  6. Sadly joining the party, but there is still hope for all of us I hope we start hearing back soon, the waiting is agonizing
  7. I was wondering if you have accepted the offer yet or not as I realize you have also been offered acceptance at UBC, if you are willing to share this information. I am currently on the waitlist and was just wondering what my chances of moving up are. Congratulations though, and I wish you the best!
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