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  1. Check this post earlier. From previous threads it seems that OMSAS only changes if there is an offer, but not WL/R. So for those waiting for Mac, only getting A would mean an updated OMSAS at midnight I assume...
  2. I think I checked yesterday and the Response column was there? Or maybe I checked 2am this morning or something. I wouldn't read too much to it either.
  3. https://takealtus.com/faq/ Can I receive my quartile score for past completed Casper tests for previous admission cycles? No, applicants who have completed Casper in admissions cycles prior to 2021-2022 will not receive their quartile score. Starting in the 2021-2022 admissions cycle, applicants who have completed their Casper test will receive their Casper quartile score approximately 1 month following their test date. Hope this brings some good vibe for us burned in this wait
  4. Haha same here! Also started job hunting and revising CVs in case I need another gap year. Only the news that we will receive CASPER quantiles since next cycle makes me feel better about having to do this all again...
  5. I now start to have really realistic dreams about getting R and start to lose my positivity about this... Before I was like "well I have 50% chance to at least get a waitlist that is not bad" now it is "oh no I have 50% chance to be rejected". Any advice on how to deal with those negative thoughts? I can work on controlling my thoughts when I am conscious but when unconscious they are just wild lol
  6. Anyone thinking about "withdrawaing choices" on OMSAS for those schools already rejecting us pre-interview? Just so I can be less hurt on the day "To be fair I officially rejected you all first"
  7. Saw somewhere else that people received invite around 9:45ish. Anybody else? Or is that a troll? Edit: doesn't sound like troll since I see more coming up receiving about 20 min ago.
  8. Result: Regrets Time Stamp: 12:03PM EST cGPA/wGPA: 3.80 Year: 2nd Year MSc MCAT: 130/128/128/128 ECs: Probably my weak part, 25-50 percentile for UBC CASPer: should be good - got invited for Mac with 3.80/128 Disappointed bc I thought my CASPer went well and I may have a chance. I guess probably EC is pulling me behind. Congrats for those getting an invite and good luck on the interviews!
  9. Time Stamp: 3:57 pm EST Invite/reject: R IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN (Y/N): N 2YGPA: 3.85 MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PSYCH): 514 (130/128/128/128) Essays (X/8): 8/8 and wrote About You. Worked on them quite a lot and asked several people to edit. But I know my ECs are not strong in terms of the length and variety. Was also rejected yesterday because not meeting academic cut-off where I did. Upon emailing them they replied today and said my non-academic is not competitive enough. Glad that they give this timely response and I hope they truly gave it a fair consideration. Anywa
  10. Wondering the same thing. How would them make that call and would those essays be rated in the same criteria as before? It's frustrating that I spent all so much time and editing on the essays and they didn't even read it because of a mistake. Hope we can hear back from them soon!
  11. Thanks! I just double-checked and emailed them. It's wierd because one of my verifier was contacted last year so I was sure I met the cut-off. I'm wondering if it's still an R but they put the wrong reason in the email? Giving the speed they sending out invites this year maybe they have some tech issues as well?
  12. Just got R saying my academic criteria is below cut-off. But I got 3.85 for 2-year GPA and above cut-off for all MCAT sessions. Should I email??
  13. Time stamp: 2:10 PM EST Program: MD Result: Invite!!! OMSAS GPA: 3.80 CARS: 128 (MSc in progress, not sure if 1 is added or not?) IP/OOP: IP CASPer: In the my-chances thread someone told me I need a higher than 75 percentile to get an invite. Not sure how accurate it was though. Anyway, I got started to prep 1 months before, joined a group of awesome applicants to discuss questions together, read Doing Right, and use PrepMatch a lot. Didn't feel the best when doing CASPer so I am so surprised I got the invite. I was so crushed by UBC regrets last month. Congr
  14. Desparately reviewing my emails from Mac from the past cycle I appied (2018-2019), the rejection came out on a Thursday. So were the acknowledgement emails in both years. I'm guessing maybe they tend to send things out on Thursdays?? Maybe I will still hold my breath for another day and then if still nothing just forget about the fact that I applied at all
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