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  1. Is that kind of work environment sustainable? I have heard of a few community hospital pathology departments in Southern Ontario refusing after hours call, intraoperative consultations, and autopsies because they are tired of the ever expanding volume of cases without an increase in hires or payment. I think this kind of thing is why pathology is so unpopular. It has nothing to do with the nature of the work, but with the treatment the field receives.
  2. Should there be a movement to end this relic of an exam, or allow general practice rights for those that hold a full LMCC license? As of now it serves no purpose but to enrich the coffers of the MCC. I fail to see any reason for the MCC's continued existence. The CCFP and FRCPC establish practice readiness. Medical schools establish one's fit for starting a residency. General practice is no longer a reality. Why are these exams still required? How would one go about eliminating this pointless exam, and its pointless predecessor, from our world? For what it i
  3. Seems backwards. There is push to standardize things that shouldn't be standardized, like interviews, and to ignore things that should be, like grades for instance.
  4. Ontario is a very negative environment for pathologists. Pathologists are paid primarily through hospital budgets, which means there is a set of hands that takes money before it reaches the pathologists. The goal of the hospitals is to reduce costs. Here is how they do it: Most of the positions are associated with university health centers, which puts them in the category of 'educational institutions'. An option that is frequently exercised by these institutions is to hire foreign trained unlicensed pathologists under an 'institutional/educational' license. These patholo
  5. Anatomical pathology requires a fellowship to work in major centers. The total training length is 6 years, not 5.
  6. You're eligible to apply in the first round. You don't have to wait for SOAP.
  7. I think you should consider doing some rotations in diagnostic fields like pathology and radiology. You might enjoy them more than internal medicine. I know I did.
  8. I think you are better off applying to family medicine.
  9. How is the environment for pathologists in Quebec? I am considering taking a job there but would like to know more details about it such as workload, remuneration and pathologist happiness before I accept a position. I am finding lots of conflicting information about these factors and hope that a more recent opinion can be shared. DM me if you are more comfortable with that.
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