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  1. You would be considered a graduate applicant if you were eligible to apply, but since you are ineligible (due to not being in the last year of your PhD) it doesn't make a practical difference.
  2. I'm also curious about what the student atmosphere is like at WB (i.e. how close students are to each other). Could any current WB students weigh in?
  3. Just as an FYI, TGH is part of the WB academy, not PB. The downtown hospital part of PB is Women's College.
  4. With pretty much every university having shifted to online course delivery, I can imagine that lectures in the pre-clerkship (Foundations) component of the MD curriculum have followed suit. But with regards to things like anatomy labs and small group sessions, have those also been transferred to online formats? Hopefully current UofT students can chime in? I just want to get an idea of what can be expected for incoming first years in the fall
  5. How hard was it to pass the Royal College exams after a US residency? People on this forum always post that it's "almost impossible" to pass if you didn't do your residency in Canada because of the way the exam is designed(?)
  6. Accepted to Queen's with a 501 MCAT? Is their cutoff that low?
  7. I came across this Facebook Live that was streamed today where the Director of Admissions says that in the next couple of years there will be changes to the MD admissions process such that it will be "less GPA and MCAT centric" and "put more emphasis on interviews". I can understand the GPA part, the trend is pretty obvious that soon the average GPA of admitted students would approach a 4.0, but a 50th percentile MCAT cutoff requirement could never be used to describe the admissions process as "MCAT-centric". Have any current UofT students heard anything about this? I might be wrong, but my in
  8. Are first-year students involved with file review or is it just upper years like the interview?
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