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  1. Thanks. I stayed in province but maybe the sub specialty isn't too used to getting new clerks, although it seemed that they had several residents on other teams. Everyone there was lovely and professional as well. I did get feedback that my knowledge + presentation needed work, but it was mixed. Some praise and some criticism/feedback. One preceptor definitely noted that I got better over the week. I honestly didn't get any indication that it was worthy of a fail, and they were understanding that it was my first week. Maybe they didn't quite understand the implication of a deficient ratin
  2. I'm in a program where we start clerkship with electives, and we do basically 1 month of pre-clerk electives - so little hospital experience. I thought I made that clear to both preceptors, and they did mention it in the review - " this was ____________'s first clerkship rotation and should be taken into context with performance in future with increasing exposure to rotations." Thanks for the input. That's my next step, although from what I understand from my school's policies, I don't think there is much in I can do when it's a visiting elective.
  3. I recently failed a visiting clerkship elective. I'm a new clerk, and was completely caught off guard with the grade as no preceptor indicated that I was on my way to a "deficiency." I thought I had a good rapport with the preceptors and patients, although they did point out that they expected me to have more knowledge in the sub specialty. Honestly, much of what they wanted me to know felt out of scope of my clinical education but I was fine with the somewhat unfair pimping. Otherwise, I thought the elective went fine; I was always early, read around patients, offered to stay late and help -
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