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  1. I wish they had a percent passing score. Their 100 - 400 scale makes absolutely no sense as this exam is not standardized.
  2. Thanks for the advice! It's what I had assumed but just needed some assurance before picking my electives.
  3. As someone interested in IM, how many electives should one do in CTU vs subspecialty pre-carms? I was thinking of doing most of my electives in CTU and maybe 2 electives in a subspecialty, just so there is some variety. What is everyone's opinion? Is that too much? Having completed my core IM rotation, I've realized that it can be hard to get good interaction with the attending on CTU, as often times it's the senior and junior residents running the wards. As opposed to a subspecialty rotation where you get more 1 on 1 engagement with your preceptor. Any tips on getting LOR on CTU? A
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