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  1. Thanks for the advise, but I have been dreaming of becoming a doctor for the past 11 years of my life. I'm dead set on medicine. When I started my undergrad, I had no intentions of doing a Phd, but I eventually did it because I was presented with the opportunity to do it. Over the years, I learned to like research, but it is not really my passion.
  2. I attempted the MCAT 3 times, 125, 124, 126, 125 My CARS score is quite low!! I never had the luxury of taking few months off during my graduate degrees to study for the MCAT. My supervisor was not willing to give me any time off. I had to study for my MCAT on top of writing papers, doing experiments, thesis, TAing...etc.
  3. Hi PM101ers, I'm in my final year of Phd, and an IP applicant in AB. I've been applying for medicine for the last 5 years. I have received two interviews at Calgary, but my application was unsuccessful post-interview. I never received interviews at University of Alberta. If my application is unsuccessful this time around, I would like to pursue my medical degree at an international school since med school admission in Alberta is very competitive and I don't have the energy to get another undergrad degree or improve my MCAT score. My GPA is 3.6, my MCAT is 500. I'm very open
  4. I was talking to med students and was told that if one scores few points over the MPL, they may not do well when it comes to clerkship. Is this information true? How much over the MPL do you have to score to feel that you learned the material well.
  5. that's what I meant saying. One of the posters was saying that they will only have 200K take home income, and in the future, if you decide to have family, and also take into account their SO earnings, you will end up with at least 300-400K take home earnings.. that's well above the avg Canadian family income.(only 100K) It's very sad when people complain that they are only taking home 200K
  6. I agree with you to an extent.. A doc who has take home of 200K is quite a lot , the avg. mean family income is 100K ( with 2 full time working individuals).
  7. My cousin is almost done with his residency and he just recently got a 1.5 M house , but both him and his wife are going to be working physicians very soon.
  8. What were you doing when you received your med school admission? How did you react? Who did you tell first? Family, SO, friends? How did they react? Share your admission stories
  9. Hello, I have an interview coming up for an Aus med school and I was hoping I could find a coach to help me prepare for an MPI interview; it will be my 1st time interviewing. Thanks
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