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  1. Hey everyone, I am starting to do some reading and interview prep to become familiar with topics that may come up. So far I'm thinking I should be aware of: - indigenous health - covid/vaccine (people's response to the pandemic, lockdowns etc) - rural health - BLM - social determinants of health Anything else?
  2. I really appreciate everyone's feedback. Truly gives me some hope! I feel ya. I was waitlisted with a 507 last cycle, rewrote mcat last summer went up to 511 but CARS dropped to 124. BUT no interview this cycle. This process is just so frustrating. I don't know if I have it in my to rewrite once more. I hope you make it in off the waitlist!!
  3. Does anyone know anyone who's gotten in to UBC with a 124 on CARS? I've written the MCAT 3 times, my CARS keeps going down, but over all score went up. 511, with a 124 Cars... should I rewrite? ughhh
  4. Hey everyone! I'm looking for some advice on rewriting the MCAT. I'm a non-trad, IP applicant and interviewed with UBC last month. My GPA is on the lower end (80ish) and got a 507 on the MCAT. I'm hoping I'll get in but if I don't I'm thinking of rewriting the MCAT. This is where I need your advice. Should I rewrite it? I meet all the minimums but is this score still too low? I was scoring in the 511-513 range for the practice exams last year. Should I sign up for late August already or wait till the admission decisions come out in May. How in advance should I be booking for the MCAT? I'
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