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  1. Where does it say that that it doesn’t mean anything? Maybe I’m missing something but I looked at the help guide and my application again and I see no note/comment about whether or not the number of applications matters.
  2. 4th time applicant here and looking at the fact that so many people have gotten in after 4-5 tries, I am going to say they probably do consider it when doing the holistic review. When you apply so many times and continue to improve your application, interview etc it shows you are dedicated to the career which I think definitely helps. I have heard many candidates say it's not a matter of "if", it's a matter of when and honestly this keeps me going so I am sticking with the belief that re-applicants are seen positively during the holistic review process.
  3. Ohhh what!! I’m so sorry they didn’t give you the option to make your own choice but maybe it’s because you rocked that station and it’s better for you to keep it in? Did they say they’d put a note on your file atleast? I’m so curious to know how they’re making these decisions but I guess we’ll never know
  4. They gave me the option to exclude or include with a note on my file.. not sure what to do :/
  5. That I'm not sure about tbh. I would suggest emailing UBC to double check if you meet the residency requirement OR check out this website https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/health/health-drug-coverage/msp/bc-residents/managing-your-msp-account/leaving-bc-temporarily.
  6. I would say get your class 5 license in BC just to be safe. If I remember correctly, moving to a different province for school doesnt qualify you as an "official" resident of a province even if you're doing. PhD. I did my undergrad in Ontario but maintained by IP status in BC because my permanent address was still my parents house, though I used my Ontario address for mailing address, credit card application etc and I never had issues driving or accessing health care services in Ontario. BC Services Card is basically your MSP. You can have 2 cards- one license and one health care card or you c
  7. How is everyone keeping themselves busy and from overthinking every single station now that the interview is done? Any time I have a moment, all I think about is the interview...
  8. I dont think you lose IP status if you go to a different province for school. As long as you keep your BC MSP you should be fine!
  9. I interviewed for UBC and was part of the UBC facebook group and we used kumospace as a platform to replicate the mmi experience of rotating through different stations! Hope it helps your practice group!
  10. Anyone hear back from UBC about the tech issues they had during their interview?
  11. Hey everyone, I am starting to do some reading and interview prep to become familiar with topics that may come up. So far I'm thinking I should be aware of: - indigenous health - covid/vaccine (people's response to the pandemic, lockdowns etc) - rural health - BLM - social determinants of health Anything else?
  12. I really appreciate everyone's feedback. Truly gives me some hope! I feel ya. I was waitlisted with a 507 last cycle, rewrote mcat last summer went up to 511 but CARS dropped to 124. BUT no interview this cycle. This process is just so frustrating. I don't know if I have it in my to rewrite once more. I hope you make it in off the waitlist!!
  13. Does anyone know anyone who's gotten in to UBC with a 124 on CARS? I've written the MCAT 3 times, my CARS keeps going down, but over all score went up. 511, with a 124 Cars... should I rewrite? ughhh
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