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  1. Going to wait till 1 for Queens then check in the AM
  2. 4th cycle, accepted abroad but really need that Canadian Acceptance.
  3. Same here. Reapplying makes it worse because they say "you're DEFINITELY going to get in this year". Really dreading bad news.
  4. PUBG has been my best friend through this process.
  5. Just wondering, on the UBC site it says there are "up to" 29 seats for OOP and preference is given to IP.. does this mean that OOP seat allocation depends on how good the IP pool is each year? Any clarification would help! Thanks
  6. My essay/ supplemental stayed the same, but my score wasn't that great to begin with. Do any of you guys know what the highest score has been in past years for those on WL, (specifically for the supplemental/essay section)?
  7. Accidentally wrote this in the other thread but has any OOP got an offer yet?
  8. Have they given the average score of all accepted applicants this year?
  9. From what I've read through the forums and from other current Queen's students, that's a speculation as Queen's has never disclosed what the panel is for. Although it would be really nice to know that the panel is just a check for "red flags", I am not going to rely on that assumption.
  10. To be honest, I interpreted that quote to mean that they will review individual panel performance just like how they review mmi performance meaning that its not just a screening for red flags. I don't know for certain either but the basis behind my reasoning is that they really did not need to bother having a waitlist for panel interviews as that would not only prolong things for them but also complicate the process unnecessarily. They could have given slightly more interviews out yesterday and called it a day by giving everyone else a rejection. To me that means the competition is tough and t
  11. I think its unfortunate but also the concern of going virtual isn't entirely unwarranted. Having to think if you're mic/internet is working okay, having to focus on looking at the webcam and keep your focus there when there are so many distractions around you, not to mention if you have literally no quiet place to do the interview. I mean its a big day, having an in person interview is tough but there are basic things we take for granted that you would need to re consider when doing an online interview. A sucky situation overall but hopefully there is a silver lining?
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