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  1. Just so you know the majority of the 2023 class are in that group as well, so over half of it's members are already DMNB students!
  2. A status symbol to carry at all times is really the point of all this isnt it?
  3. I was accepted off the NB waitlist today with a score of 69.67! my breakdown was: GPA/MCAT - 22/55 (3.9 and 514) Supplemental - 19.67/35 Interview - 28/40 If you'd like to know details about the supplemental, I'd rather discuss it privately. Feel free to PM me!
  4. The exact method for determining our spots is something we will never know. The Z-score method would rely heavily on the standard deviation for each category they assess, and differences in the spread could have more of an effect than the actual weighing they do to each category. The raw scores would be correlated with Z-score (how correlated is something we can't say), but the fact that it doesn't directly mean anything does make me question the reason for even providing it. This is all speculation, and just based on things I've read here. Take what I say with a grain of salt.
  5. They posted in the NB waitlist poll that their score was 69.53. I think they just confused the term IP with meaning NB as well. I had 69.67 so I'm hoping I'm next...
  6. NB applicant waitlisted here. Scores were: Academic: 22/25 Supplemental: 19.67/35 Interview: 28/40 These are very close to the average accepted scores (which seem to be for everyone, not by applicant pool), so if anyone else was waitlisted for the NB pool I'd love to hear your scores as well.
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