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  1. That’s right. This was my first time applying OOP as I’m from Ontario. I had a 3.93 two year GPA and 513 mcat. And the difference this year was I broadened my school list to include Dalhousie
  2. Hi - just a correction that Reservists typically train 3h/week with a full day or weekend exercise each month. During the summer, most units will shut down and members will usually take on full-time employment in the form of training courses or deployment. In a nutshell: Academic year - 3h/wk with one full-day per month (extra weekends and courses also available) Summer - full-time if you wish However, sometimes students will opt to take a gap year or a semester off for unique opportunities to deploy. As for your actual question, I'll have to defer to @Mil nurse!
  3. Mil nurse has entered the chat. @Mil nurse Could you let us know more about MMTP? I’m working with a med tech and some PAs and am curious as well
  4. Hi! I’ve gone through the self doubt of whether I’d be able to be admitted into Canadian medical school. I’m starting this year and my high school class is already in residency or finishing. Try your best not to compare to others and instead comparing you to who you were yesterday. If you’re improving while staying compassionate and disciplined then you should be proud of yourself. I was accepted to a few allied health programs and ended up completing one before being admitted. I’m the first in the family to attend post secondary education and my parents immigrated here as blue collar wo
  5. I got both your intents. No worries! This is my fourth. *edit: it WAS my fourth, admitted now and wishing you the best in your 5th attempt!
  6. No minimum to commitment of years once you enroll. Life and priorities can change any day. Quitting or voluntarily releasing, as we call it, is ok and not frowned upon (at least it shouldn't be!). Generally the expectation is 3h per week. That minimum would be up to your chain of command but that's the least you need to commit weekly. If you're already aiming to do the least amount possible then maybe you're too busy or would rather spend your time on something that you prioritize higher. It's not for everyone and you get what you put into it!
  7. I think the straw that broke the camel's back for me was the lock into family medicine which I'm uncertain about. The benefits and advantages are great! Then, there was a family component where I have deep roots in my home city. I'd have to up root them to be in the MOTP. But, if it's right for you, go for it! Tons of opportunities and a great pension for MOs.
  8. Hey none taken. I got in through years of rejections and finally getting one interview at Dalhousie. I'm quite open book and want to let others know that if this is something you want to pursue, then it's entirely possible given the right work ethic and humility in improving each cycle. I had to retake the mcat numerous times and upgrade my undergrad GPA. I didn't confer any special programs or considerations. I think how the military helped the most in my endeavours was offering me flexibility in employment, a $2000 bursary per year, and employment that I was passionate about. It also g
  9. All work is paid fairly. There are voluntary events but this would be things like CAF appreciation events which are fun to begin with (blue Jays or raptors games). Weekly parade nights are dedicated towards getting or delivering training. I taught naval officers for the past couple years and it's been fun and rewarding to say the least. Trainees will go to classes and lectures or do hands on training. Boatswain will take boats out and sail around lake Ontario, etc. There's also physical training every so often with sports or fitness training. Being in the reserves also means you can depl
  10. Hello! It's my pleasure to make the info clear and accessible Yes. I'll be a Reservist while studying at Dalhousie this year. Commitment varies at which point of your military career you're at. Generally, it's coming into a Reserve unit once a week (~3h) and one full day (6h) a month. This can be flexible based on your personal commitments (e.g. can ask for a week or two off if you've got a midterm coming up). That is correct. All Medical Officers (MOs) need to do family medicine once they graduate but this is presuming you are enrolled in the MOTP program. I am not in the MOTP pr
  11. No offense taken! Feedback is always appreciated The Reserves offers part AND full time employment that caters to your availability. In that sense, my "full time" career was being an undergraduate and graduate student while working for the military during school. Whenever I had any breaks in school, I'd work full time for the military whether it was for humanitarian efforts, search and rescue, drug interdiction, community outreach, etc. I think these experiences compounded with the fact that they offered great compensation enabled me to get where I am today. I come from a low-income fami
  12. Hi everyone, I am a Reservist Officer in the military for 10 years now and will be starting at Dalhousie medical school. Being in the Canadian military has given me the poise and professionalism to not only be admitted into medicine but hopefully become a leader in the medical field. The pm101 community has been tremendously helpful for my admission and it's time to give back to this amazing online community. If you're wondering about enrolling during undergrad as a part-time & full-time summer job or just curious how the military can support your medical career, AMA
  13. I believe you must meet thresholds for them to read your Maritime connection essay. Then, they select a small portion of interviewees based on the Maritime connection essay and the GPA/MCAT are just cutoffs to be interviewed. Once you interview, then your interview, essays, supplemental score, and academics are factored into admission. I hope this info helps Source: Admitted and starting at Dalhousie this year as an OOP!
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