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  1. Hey guys, A resident at U of T rads told me recently that 3 ppl failed the RC exam in Radiology last year. Does anyone know what historically is the failure/pass rate? Is it a strong program? How heavily would one emphasize this when deciding to rank? Thanks
  2. Hi there, I am currently interviewing for radiology soon, I am just wondering what school was that where you saw 4 residents switch out? Thank you!
  3. Hi guys, Say you are applying to specialty X (8 weeks precarms electives) and are alternate tracking/backing up with family (2 weeks precarms) and have solid applications for both, how many family med interviews *roughly* can one expect? Have you ever heard of anyone ranking family med higher than their specialty choice and successfully matching to family? I guess there may be 2 scenarios for specialty X (surgical specialties, laboratory specialties, and then fields that are quite similar to family MD like psychiatry, ER---does that affect getting family interviews?) Thank you!
  4. Thank you for your reply! And yes open to going anywhere for family So I was really between fam + 1 in care of elderly/ER/palliative (or not a +1) and radiology but I just love many aspects of radiology>family. But yes in a hypothetical scenario if I love my family elective next fall precarms >radiology ones I definitely want to go into the next school year knowing that if I dislike my rads electives I can rank family first and still match haha! I currently have 1family and the rest rads electives booked
  5. Hi guys, If one does 8 weeks of Radiology electives and 2 weeks in family, does anyone know roughly how many family MD interviews you should expect to get if you have a strong application? Has anyone ever done 8 weeks of a specialty Precarms elective and 2 weeks of family and then ranked family programs first and successfully matched to family? Thanks!
  6. Just wondering for the +1 ER carms match, can you apply and rank all the programs? Does anyone know if there are some schools that tend to favor their own family residents for the +1ER spots? Thank you!
  7. Hi guys! Just wondering for the +1ER carms match, can you apply and rank all the programs? Does anyone know if there are some schools that tend to favor their own family residents for the +1ER spots? Thank you!
  8. Hi guys, So it's AFMC booking season for MS3's right now. I absolutely fell in love with my ER during my MS3 core rotation which was really unexpected and am really stuck right now re-booking electives. I have 0 ER research, 0 ER specific resume items. I have research in broad areas, and lots of posters, some oral presentations. I also have teaching experience on my resume and interest group leadership activities,etc. Since it is now almost April and Carms is coming up in Novemeber, is it "too late" to apply to the 5 year ER? Would any of you advise sticking to a FM+ 1ER
  9. ya sorry maybe should I mentioned this is what I have heard in districts including deep river, perth, kemptville.
  10. Hey guys, quick Q- I have heard that family medicine physicians in rural locations make more money than urban family physicians. I have heard numbers as high as 800K billed per year. Does anyone know why this is exactly? Thanks!
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