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  1. At what point would something be considered ‘medically related’? Would it only be hospital shadowing/volunteering? Or would biomedical research count?
  2. I’m starting a new job at a hospital this month. I’d like to include it on my application, but my actual first day is mid-September. Any thoughts on whether the ‘all entries must be initiated by Sept 3rd’ clause could include preparing for the job. Ie. I’ve accepted the offer and signed the contract, but I’m getting my Tb tests and immunizations sorted before I start. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  3. You should try calling them, you’ll probably get an answer more quickly!
  4. Just a guess: There's a lot of movement in Ontario in June because of students being accepted to several schools. So maybe it's just a 'ripple' effect?
  5. Hadn’t posted yet (But answered the poll already) Waitlisted OOP Score: 75.25 It was my only interview so hoping for the best! Good luck to everyone waiting for some good news!
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