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  1. I was on the OOP waitlist at Dal, but I've accepted an offer to UofT! Last year I was waitlisted at Dal as well and it was my only option, so I can relate to the painful waiting game. I hope there is waitlist movement, best of luck!
  2. Waitlist (OOP) Score 80.00 Fingers crossed for some waitlist movement!!
  3. Ugh I also had technical issues right from the start - my assessment also said I was complete after only the first question. Ended up closing my browser and re-doing a set-up in chrome incognito, which fixed it. The chatbot was super frustrating!
  4. Thank you!! My sister settled there ~6 years ago, and getting into Dal med is the dream. Not quite sure what the admissions committee looks for in the Maritime connection essay! Third time applying, second time interviewing, fingers crossed!
  5. Interview invite at 12:41 pm! 3.9 GPA 513 MCAT OOP applicant from Ontario
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