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  1. I wouldn't know for sure. But I strongly recommend you include 2 for each entry. The second one might not be as strong as the first one, but it will count for something. If you can't think of anything that shows that then it's okay but If you have something that you can draw social accountability from you should include it.
  2. Result: Accepted!!!! London! Timestamp: 12:01 AM! 2-year GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 131/129/130 Interview: In person. It could've been better but I guess we all feel that way after an interview. I forgot to mention some of my biggest achievements like a publication when I was talking about overcoming some experimental difficulties. Year: Last year of undergrad. Geography: Non-SWOMEN. I'll most likely accept the offer. I don't know if I'll receive an offer from McMaster. I'm beyond excited and grateful.
  3. Can’t sleep either and I’m someone who rarely has trouble sleeping.
  4. CARS. cuz they say pre-interview ranking which only uses CARS plus CASPer and GPA.
  5. Just to add to the data: I have the button. Interviewed at Mac, Western (USask as well but that doesn't use CASPer). I applied to all Ontario schools except to uOttawa and NOSM. Stats: 3.99 GPA CARs:129 CASPer: felt it went all right As someone who sees the button I want to believe it's indicative of an offer but looking at all the applicants with amazing stats who are not seeing it makes me think it's some sort of glitch. We'll know soon enough!
  6. Is there anyone who only had two referees contacted? I’m being neurotic but a month of quarantine can do that to you lol. Does having 2 versus 3 contacted mean anything in terms of waitlist position or straight offer?
  7. Is there a way for us to review our application? My third referee hasn't been contacted and I want to check their email address, phone number etc.
  8. Same here, two of mine were contacted OOP so I was worried that maybe the first one had said something that made them call the second one but maybe it's normal? Some applicants only have one referee contacted.
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