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    MD_Dream97 got a reaction from rli2 in ABS Entries   
    I wouldn't know for sure. But I strongly recommend you include 2 for each entry. The second one might not be as strong as the first one, but it will count for something. If you can't think of anything that shows that then it's okay but If you have something that you can draw social accountability from you should include it. 
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to whatdoido in Is passion necessary to be a doctor?   
    Sorry, but how badly you want something has very little correlation with whether or not you "deserve" it over any other applicant and certainly not whether you'll be any good at it. Many people dream about becoming famous actors or singers, too, and they are constantly beaten out by the millions of others who share the same dream as well as those who were just sort of given the opportunity. Barring nepotism/unfair advantages, it's neither fair nor unfair, it's just the way it is. Sad, fine, but it's foolish to suggest that you need to be bouncing up and down at the thought of practicing medicine to be any more qualified to be a good doctor than someone who sees it as simply a job. You wouldn't trust an engineer who is building a bridge that will support dozens of cars over a river because he sees his job as simply a job? I don't care whether or not he's passionate about calculating the load a bridge can take. I care that he's able to effectively do his job. I know plenty of people I spent undergrad with who wanted nothing more than to be doctors who would be downright awful at it, either because they're not very good at being empathetic, or because they simply weren't very good at science. It is sad that they can't fulfill their dreams, yes, but I'd rather have a doctor who had the academic rigour necessary to properly diagnose me than someone who was admitted simply because they are "so intensely passionate about helping others and practicing medicine." If it comes down to two people at the top of the interview list, then yes, it's a coin flip, but there's a 99% chance they're equally capable and deserving regardless of their differing passion.
    From personal anecdotes as well as dozens of hours reading into this, doctors who hate coming to work are usually those who are trapped by debt (not an enormous problem after a couple of years of practice in Canada), those in inhumanely demanding residencies or specialities that I personally will never go near, and those who went into it thinking it was their predestined magical fate and get slapped by the harsh bureaucratic and futile reality of medicine (hint: it's not all that great, no matter how much ~passion~ you have).
    Anyways, I'm not sure why the idea of "coasting" aggravates you? I prefaced that several times in my previous posts by saying it's still a LOT of hard work. There's still an enormous volume of material to learn and getting a 70% means you know the majority of it. Just because I'm not going to subscribe to the ridiculous notion that my entire life needs to be living and breathing medicine and studying at every second or doing observerships or research or extra readings or extra time in the clinic et cetera doesn't mean I'm going to make a bad doctor. I don't need that stuff for the job I want to do, so why do it? That's exactly the kind of awful rhetoric that lead to the foolish idea that we need to be martyrs for our patients and for the art of medicine. The same ideals and notions that hospital admins (who love the incredibly cheap resident labour) and attendings (who went through the same thing and are bitter and want to dish it out on the next generation) perpetuate that lead to the inhumane residencies, the 80 hour work weeks, the day after day of 24-hour call with no sleep, the extremely high burnout, depression, job dissatisfaction, and suicide. Almost every other field has invariably better work-life balance- why can't we? I have a life outside of medicine and I enjoy it very much and you're damn right I'm not going to spend one second longer than I need to learning to be a good doctor. If that aggravates you, then I really don't care, and you're exactly part of the problem I dreaded when I thought about a career in medicine.
    Medicine is a job. For some it's a passion, for others a calling, but at the end of the day, it's a job. A stable, high paying one that requires a lot of training, intelligence, and discipline. There's ample time to kick out bad seeds, either during the extremely competitive admissions process, during medical school, residency... *especially* in today's hypercompetitive system. If you're in an MD program, and especially if you successfully complete residency, it means you more likely than not have the skills and character required to be a good doctor. I highly doubt anyone who would genuinely make a bad doctor could brute force their way through premed, volunteering/ECs, the MCAT, applications, ethics tests, interviews, med school, and residency. But if you think everybody in medicine is just teeming with constant uncontainable passion and excitement, you're sorely mistaken and living in quite an idyllic world.
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to IMislove in Making decisions about specialty..   
    Probably one of the silliest things I’ve heard. Everyone has their story, 50% of those may very well be privileged people (like my class), it’s hilarious how unrelatable most med students are to the common Canadian. You may not agree with off my chest, but I’ll be damned before someone calls someone else out after multiple tries to medicine. Also your point makes 0 sense, they are not at all related. Use actually well formed arguments and not personal attacks thanks. 
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to Dreamer10 in 2019 CaRMS unfilled spots   
    The thing is , people like you tend to project problems and blame others and be blind to the real cause.
    Wow like seriously now the only cause ppl go unmatched is because of IMG spots ?? There are more spots available in total than the number of CMG every year, so theoritically there should be no CMG left Mr. intelligent !
    And not all IMG immigrate here, some came because they were maybe married to a canadian or a refugee or i dont know !
    You have to seek and find the real problem not impose it on other ppl! And try to sound as you are caring !
    And btw this logic of yours ! Or really ! How about you extend it to other issues in life !? Like maybe we only offer cancer medications for Canadians not immigrants ! Or we give them the left over !? Is that even a logical thought process you claim you have ?
    And all countries have IMGs or whatever, look in the USA and germany and UK
    You want ppl to understand your perspective but you are too blind or arrogant to understand others' perspective !
    Good luck in your stunning career ahead of you !
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to rmorelan in Is UOttawa a low tier medical school?   
    well sure....but those are all based on particular criteria. Then you have ask yourself if any of that has anything to do with actually training as a doctor. The first one was based on QS rankings that is produced by an arbitrary scale - at least somewhat arbitrary. For instance:
    Academic reputation (30%)
    This is a bit self fulfilling and not narrowly measured on medicine in particular. In particular it is not reputation of the school in training specifically medical students, and bigger schools will always have an advantage there. The measured outcome of the training at all the schools is the same so you would think the reputation would be the same - well no because yeah TO has many many other higher reputation programs than Ottawa does pulling things up. That has nothing do with again medical education.
    Employer reputation (20%)
    Totally meaningless here. There is not difference worth talking about between getting a job based on your medical school. For starters that is finished with 6 years ago or longer in some cases. 
    Faculty/student ratio (10%)
    Also meaningless for med school. A bigger hospital system would in theory have more staff but so what? 
    International research network (10%)
    Despite we the focus we seem to have locked into to research, it does not really impact anything related to med school. The CARMS match rates are basically the same between all the schools which is the only place it matters really, despite widely different research approaches etc. 
    Citations per paper (10%) and papers per faculty (5%)
    there is that research bias again (and I am rather academic in mind set - I still think it is not really all that important relatively speaking)
    Staff with a PhD (5%)
    They all have MDs. Adding the phd is showing that research bias again - seeing the pattern
    Proportion of international faculty (2.5%) and proportion of international students (2.5%)
    Not important at all.
    Ok was all of that useless - maybe. But in any case it isn't nearly as dramatic as to rank these places extremely far apart as they are. 
    People that do ranking, create this systems.....sounds like a great way to get free lunches and take trips while feeling important. In terms of actually anything of use? That is another matter. 
    I will say this much - I am at Harvard now, and I am teaching regularly Harvard medical students as an instructor. They don't seem any different than the people I taught in Ottawa. 
    oh any why 30% 20% 10% and so on for the categories? Who knows - it is all just something that was made up and sounds reasonable. Doesn't mean it is right, certainly doesn't mean it is based on actual science etc. 
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to Organomegaly in Queen's or UofT Med?   
    Although I disagree with his comment that the home school advantage is not a real thing (it is for sure), a lot of what you say here has more to do with the city than the school itself. People simply favour the city of Toronto over many other cities. It IS a world-class city, no doubt. But you imply here people pick U of T for some sort of prestige or superiority over other educational experiences. In my experience, having known dozens of people from my undergraduate program who made the decision between Toronto and other Ontario medical schools, it was typically for the city that people went to Toronto. Statistically, many people will be hailing from the GTA originally and want to reconnect with family and social circles. Many of these people who went to U of T didn't particularly even like the Toronto curriculum or the over-crowedness of the learning atmosphere but, again, picked it for geographical reasons. Toronto is Toronto -- if you are a big city person, no city in Canada can match it.  With this in mind, it is really unfair to use the number of offers sent out by each school to compare U of T and Queen's for QUALITY when you are pitching Toronto against Kingston. 
    Aetherus makes good points that Queen's does have a recently revitalized curriculum and consistently boasts a match rate that is superior to more massive research centres like U of T and McMaster. Especially after U of T's basically record-setting abysmal match this year, this is true year after year. And Queen's does not necessarily send a large proportion of their class to family medicine either. Many of these matched people are Royal College bound specialists. 
    Another point you make is with regards to world class lecturers and hospitals, implying that by default this makes your learning better. This is a naive view. Toronto absolutely does offer this and as Canadians we should all be collectively proud of the accomplishments we've made as a whole from coast to coast, including those made at Toronto. But unless you are at the cutting edge of research in your field, the research accomplishments of your school do not necessarily translate into better learning experiences. McMaster also offers world-class renown researchers and clinicians, especially in internal medicine, some of whom are among the most cited researchers in the world (top 10-20 in the world for all-time citations). I did part of my clerkship with one such person, and to be honest, it was probably one of my most underwhelming learning experiences, and not because my learning expectations were high. This person was quite nice, but they were distant, absent and too specialized and often missed the big picture for a student. Although it was cool to say I've worked with them, the bulk of my learning and development as a physician is with the everyday clinicians. Clinicians who are dedicated to the teaching of medical students; they may not be the most seasoned researchers, or world experts, but I would take a teacher passionate about his students' learning over that any-day. You're in medical school to learn the the basics - and as someone else on this forum said, you can learn that just as effectively at Saskatchewan than you would at U of T or McMaster.
    I make a point of addressing your arguments because I worry that people would read them and fall to the dogma, selecting a school like U of T for the wrong reasons and not having their expectations met. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good reasons to go to a school like Toronto, and if I had to select between most Ontario schools I would have gone to Toronto. But I do not believe the reasons you stated are those ones. 
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to Aetherus in Queen's or UofT Med?   
    A lot of bias in previous posts. Having made the decision to come to Queen’s over Toronto four years ago, I can say that it was absolutely the right decision to make. Ultimately, the most important academic barometer of a program is how well it will allow you to match to the residency program of your choosing. I have posted the stats for Queen’s in a previous post, you’re welcome to take a look. Queen’s consistently has one of the highest match rates in the country coupled with the highest number of competitive specialty matches. This is not by chance, the Queen’s curriculum is optimized to ensure you have the best chance to succeed and has the best spread of elective time in my opinion. I would also like to address this home school advantage for residency. The smaller the school, the larger the home school advantage. I would say the home school advantage is pretty much non existant at U of T. U of T is a large school and it is easy to fall through the cracks which results in a very high portion of students going unmatched compared to smaller class sizes.
    Prestige is completely worthless for medical school. It will not help you match to a program of your choice...literally no one cares about your medical school. The only time it could make a difference is if you wanted to go to the states, in which case any Canadian School would be trumped by the top American schools in terms of prestige. If you want to match to the states, the single most important thing will be your Step 1 score, not perceived prestige of your school.
    With respect to Kingston being too small and boring, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Kingston is completely walkable which means you lose no time on commuting which translates to more time to go out with friends. There’s also a huge selection of restaurants and a bunch of water sports available to you. Kingston is full of students so the night life is also quite good.
    Having completed my four years at Queen’s, I can absolutely state that you will not regret coming here. PM me if you’re still undecided.
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to JohnGrisham in Use Of Extracurricular Activities?   
    Class president...the popularity contest where you elect someone in the first two weeks of school when you dont even really know everyone yet.
    Most of the roles are chores, and the most qualified people dont end up wanting to waste their time with them.
    You can be involved outside of medical school too. 
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to scrubbed0ut in Western Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected 2019-2020   
    Beautiful screenshot!! goals 
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    MD_Dream97 got a reaction from scrubbed0ut in Western Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected 2019-2020   

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    MD_Dream97 reacted to MovedOnFromMed in Med School Consulting Services   
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to TheStern in Everything online ? (Rant)   
    I think it's completely unacceptable. Virtual learning in a pandemic is perfectly understandable, but why on earth would they tell us to live in the city we are learning in? If every single aspect of learning will be virtual? There goes 10k for the year for literally no reason, thanks Western..
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to James Nystead in Everything online ? (Rant)   
    Cant wait to spend $4000+ in rent from my LOC at Prime - 0.25% for an empty apartment while I learn from my mothers basement 
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to MedicineLCS in All QuARMS spots are now reserved for Black and Indigenous applicants   
    Personally I think they should just disband QuARMs and move the seats to the undergrad pool. I really wonder how requiring sky high high school grades and crazy ECs supports "Diversity and Equity". As I see it, the people benefiting from it are those who are well-connected enough to have impressive high school ECs+high grades AND know about QuARMs. This also means these high schoolers only get one shot at the seats, just move those reserved seats to the undergrad pool and select indigenous/black students there, where you're more likely to get a more diverse pool anyway since this move blocks out mature/undergrad students from applying to those seats. I applaud them for adding the seats, but they could do it better by making those seats more accessible to the general population of indigenous/black Canadians. 
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to коронавирус in All QuARMS spots are now reserved for Black and Indigenous applicants   
    I understand the reasoning, but I think this has unintended consequences. For one, it discriminates against all other underrepresented racial minorities. Who is to say that those groups (Filipinos, Pakistanis, etc) do not face similar systemic barriers when compared to the Black and Indigenous populations? Further, some individuals will view the people accepted into the program as the "QuARMS kids," who only got to where they are today because of their race/identity. While that view is obviously distorted, it will be a prevalent one, and it could further exacerbate the "imposter syndrome" faced by the select few who are accepted.
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to yesandno in UoT’s Brief Personal Essay Qns   
    It's a complete joke. It's all about how good and believable you lie. That's it. Same as casper.
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to destiny deoxys in MD Class of 2024 bag colour   
    Ok so i check the color again, we need burgundy or purple .... not orange, blue or yellow 
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to insomnias in Are residents actually happy?   
    Every time somebody says that, I like to point to the example of Switzerland which has residencies of comparable length to ours in most specialties while abiding by EU work hour restrictions (48h/week max with no more than 13h of continuous work), and the RCPSC recognizes their training as equivalent for the purposes of exam eligibility. The reason we have long hours during residency isn't because it's a trade-off between hours worked vs competency but because resident labour is significantly cheaper to the government/hospital than that of attending physicians.
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to rmorelan in McMaster INCREASING Number of Interviews for 2020/21 Cycle   
    you know I like to think I am pretty good at keeping up with all the changes but this year they are making me work at it! 
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to whatisgoingon in Career satisfaction in family medicine   
    I think I have an idea what they like about that...
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to molarmania in How to get over your enemy's success?   
    Josh sounds like the kind of person who would never make it past interviews.
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to theevilsloth in .   
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to OddSensation in .   
    I swear, sometimes these posts are the worse. I mean congratulation you got in this year, but is this post suppose to be some self-validating post? This is my 4th cycle as well receiving several interviews but waitlisted and rejected from them. I know so many other friends who are 26 and still applying. If you feel bad, how are we suppose to feel?
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to offmychestplease in .   
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    MD_Dream97 reacted to rmorelan in Lines of Credit for Medical Students (Scotia is the best option)   
    totally possible, and in fact since that can be done is the very thing that is keeping all these LOCs in check. It allows competition to exist which is great for us. Switching takes about 2 days - I have personally done that twice already. 
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