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  1. Thank you all for the outpour of support and encouragement! It truly means the world to me. To be quite honest, I already feel much better after reading all of your comments. I agree with what each of you had to say. If I were to decline the offer over this reason, all my hard work and efforts would go to waste. I certainly don't want others to be influencing my important life decisions and I don't want others to be preventing me from achieving my goals. I am really really hoping that it won't be as bad as I am thinking. Even just having one or two close friends in the class would
  2. Hi everyone! Created this account just because I'm too embarrassed to be posting this on my usual one. I recently received an offer for medical school and I'm extremely grateful for it. I've also come to learn that quite a few students from my middle school and high school have also been accepted. The class I've been accepted into is extremely small. During my middle school and high school years, I was bullied by these very same people. I was an outcast and it was horrible. To be quite honest, the experience has had a huge impact on me. When I graduated, I knew for a fact I wan
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