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  1. Question, I changed from Life Science Honours to Religious Studies to Life Sci again. How bad is that when ad comms look at it. Thanks guys.
  2. Ok thanks because my manager is evil. I don't trust her.
  3. It's just a family thing and hopefully it will be resolved soon.
  4. I think I am confusing Referee with Verifier. Am I wrong in that? Do med schools ask verifiers performance based questions? If they do I am done. These psychos will sink me.
  5. Hey everyone, I would really appreciate some help on this. My manager at my job is evil. And a kissbutt. And the environment is toxic. I am obviously in need of a verifier from this job and have no earthly idea how to get one from these people. I asked UofT what is their position on this and they said they don't release this info to people. What do I do? Thank you.
  6. Thanks so much. I needed this today. I am so depressed lol.
  7. I cannot relate to even thinking about residency have not even gotten in.
  8. This makes me feel so hopeful. Yes I definitely need to come back because I am not there yet and the competition is very strong lol. Thanks so much I feel very encouraged!
  9. Thank you. Now I hope they understand how terrible this year was for me. I appreciate the help.
  10. Hello thank you for answering. Yes it will be two half courses. So I am definitely gone for UofT? What other schools will not allow me to use this year. It will be after the deadline because the situation is NOT salvageable! Once again thanks a lot.
  11. Good day, I am sorry I calculated wrong. I initially thought my gpa was 3.7 in my second year. Now I calculated again, and realize it is 3.9 first year, 3.9 second year, and it will probably come out 3.7? third year. Again, would you recommend a partime hc professional to apply or to keep going with grade imrovement. Thanks for reading.
  12. Ok thank you, but in regards to coming back to another year of school, what do you think.
  13. I am a second degree student. I have three years of school already. I have 3.9 gpa in my first year, 3.7 in my second year and 3.7 in my third year. The reason it's not a higher is because I also work part time as a health care professional. Do you think I have a shot at any med school in Ontario or otherwise or coming in for a fourth year would be wise? Thank you.
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