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  1. As someone that was in your shoes this time last year, the nerves are just awful! But regardless of what happens you'll get through it <3 If anyone needs someone to rant to, my inbox is always open
  2. Hi Everyone Over the past couple of years I have religiously scrolled through Premed101 with so many doubts in my head; coming across posts that gave me confidence and others that tore it down. After years of hard work, I have finally made that cumbersome leap from a premed to a med student (Bumblebee Class of 2024). I'm still in disbelief that I made it and hope I never lose this feeling. I've found myself reflecting on my journey thus far (thank you Covid19 for all the time) and have come to realize that perseverance and hard work were the stars in my story when everyone and everythin
  3. In attempts to gather some clarity and sense....I found this forum and binge-read 11 pages. Hi, and thank you. End Result: Some clarity, 0 calm, 100 anxious P.S. Where's my gang of 0 med-related dreams LOL. Even my dreams are uncertain like my future.
  4. I'm interviewing tomorrow and don't have an email either!
  5. The first wave is out for the Feb 8th interview!
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