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  1. In province sent offers to number 10 and 11 on the waitlist today :)
  2. Sorry McGill med came out the same time as mcgill dent.. only the French med schools came out last Thursday
  3. all med schools (ulaval, mcgill, Sherbrooke, udem) came out last Thursday but only Ulaval dent came out (only missing udem dent)
  4. Does anyone know how much time the waitlisters have to respond if they receive an offer ? Online it says less than 2 weeks but I wasn’t sure of that
  5. Congrats !!So it still says “further review required” on your Minerva ?
  6. I don’t know what LTD means ? On your Minerva it says “LTD refused” for dentistry? I’m sorry I don’t know what that is
  7. For tomorrow we can fill this template out! Just to give everyone a heads up if they hear of any results at any time tomorrow good luck everyone! TIME STAMP/time of phone call (if applicable): Result: Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): IP/OOP/International: Comments:
  8. I think it changes every year. There’s no exact time unfortunately
  9. from what I know/heard.. you will never know how good or bad you did in casper for any program that requires casper. I dont know what a good casper is exactly considering they never really give your result. always try your best !! and good luck for Dent-p
  10. it changes on minerva too! but those who get accepted should get a phone call but later on accepted/waitlist/rejection will also be on minerva I believe
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