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  1. Hey! Yeup! I felt the same. A few questions I felt really good about, a few I felt like they were way more complicated and multi-faceted than I expected. I ended up rambling a bit more on those questions than I felt comfortable with but, you win some you lose some. Now the waiting game begins! See you in March. Good luck to everyone who is interviewing this weekend!
  2. Waitlist score 67.85 IP (NS) 3.8/515 Congrats to everyone accepted. Waitlisters and rejects, upwards and onwards, see you all next year same time same place!
  3. To my knowledge generally speaking it comes out around 10/10:30 AM. Last year was a bit of an anomaly, it came out around 1:30 PM. Someone please correct me if I am mistaken.
  4. Well, I can already see what the rest of April looks like:
  5. I just need to express my frustration: the lockdown makes the extra wait even more unbearable. That is all. Keeping busy makes you distracted and the wait easier but I’m finding it hard to stay busy...please. release. soon. Thank you
  6. I totally feel your frustrations :/ but I’m sure they don’t have an definite answers at this point. These are extraordinary times, I’m just glad they let us know they are being delayed instead of keeping us in the dark.
  7. Morning friends, anyone else getting antsy pent up in their home? Hope everyone’s staying safe and smart! My fingers are crossed that the emails come out today!
  8. I tend to lean that way, just because of what others have indicated with the Med1/2 March break being next week and that being a good indicator in previous years. But nothing is certain, and Covid has certainly thrown a bit more uncertainty into everything...but I generally think next week
  9. Lol, the forum last year was way worse. It seemed every day of March went like this: 7-8 am everyone commented into the forum “another day of waiting....anyone hear anything??”, then the posts would taper off around noon as everyone slowly came to the realization that the emails weren’t coming out that day, dead silence in the afternoon, then everyone would show up again next the morning at 8 am, rinse and repeat
  10. They said the same last year but they came out Mar 14th. I think it is to deter people from pestering them with calls as well as give them some leeway in case they need a few extra days. I’m expecting next week but wouldn’t be surprised if it were the last week of March....can’t say I’m not getting antsy tho
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