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  1. I mean like to be honest, I don't procrastinate; I probably dont study as intensely as those people who tried to memorize orgo, but thats because I didn't need to, I dont "study" for things I don't need to. I mean of course I had to practice, I would do a couple practice problems for orgo and calc after lecture and I'd get it and be good, same for Biochem. Anatomy I studied like day in day out- just couldnt memorize everything, dont know why it didnt click with me. I remember when like in Biochem people were memorizing all these transcription factors and couldnt do a peptide linkage where as
  2. Hi there, Sorry, but I'm kind of going through a life crisis. I always thought I wanted to be a doctor but I have come to realize that I just don't excel in Biology and the Social Sciences. To put things in perspective my marks are all over the place. But what has been happening is that my highest marks are in the noticeably "harder" courses that other premeds like to avoid; whereas I do horribly for other classes that the other premeds have no trouble with. For instance, I finished Orgo I with a 96 and Orgo II with a 98. I finished Physics I with a 93 and Physics II with a
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