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  1. 9:10 timestamp, no indication of good/bad WL (no positive/negative wording in the email). Those of you saying you’re on the good waitlist, is there wording indicating so? Or is good = no negative wording.
  2. TIME STAMP: 10:09 am EST Result: Interview (MD) GPA: 4.00 wGPA MCAT: 519 (126 CARS) ECs: Unique, diverse, and long term. Good amount of research as well (no pubs, but have conference presentations). Essays: honestly, thought they were worse than last year, but I guess not? I did them the night before lol. Year: 4 I’m still shaking... this one comes as a complete shock, especially after waiting all the way until late March last year for a rejection!
  3. Invite/Rejection: INVITE!!!!!! Time Stamp: 2:59pm EST Location: IP Stream: English cGPA: 3.98 Current year: 4th year ECs: very unique advocacy work, long term generic activities, good amount of research (paid + unpaid) but no pubs Casper and Snapshot: 60-80th percentile at manitoba OOP, but rejected from Mac with 126 cars. so i guess average-slightly above average? and i did not do snapshot.
  4. Time stamp: 2:56 Program: MD Result: Rejection OMSAS GPA: 3.98 CARS: 126 IP/OOP: IP Casper: 60-80th percentile at Manitoba OOP Pretty disappointed but I can’t say I’m not surprised :/
  5. IP/OOP: OOP Decision: Regrets MCAT: 519 aGPA: 4.4 Coefficients: Some SES
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