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  1. Excellent GPA and ECs. Agree, add meaningful and long-term events in your activities. BC likes that kinda stuff and their in province folks
  2. the exam fee is not >4000. Its 2780. The admin fee is the non refundable portion of the 2780, NOT an additional fee. Thats my understanding
  3. Everyone from our year who applied to NSx, GOT NSx, because only the folks truly passionate for it applied (at least in my class, N = 4). Even the not-so-great personalities got in. You should be fine, if you know NSx is what you want to do for the rest of your life, so youll do whats necessary to get in. To your question specifically, research is highly valued in the field. Most large programs expect a phd to be completed (particularly in basic science) during your residency (if you havent already completed one before hand). Im certain you already know this given your interest, but I wa
  4. So! Updates: mortgage was possible as a first year resident. They are giving rates as low as 2.79% on a 5 year fixed mortgage (it could be even lower for you, but I have also seen folks receiving rates between 3.05 - 2.79, so that should give you something to work with). With negotiations, you can also receive up to $2000 (from what Ive seen, based on the size of mortgage you purchase), use your LOC as down payment, and some other perks. Good luck yall!
  5. Hmm, I'll share my method with you. Maybe you already used this technique, but its worth a shot in the event it helps others as well. Like you, I practiced for med school interviews. I practiced with 1st year medical students, residents, staff, researchers, undergrad students, fellow pre-med students (in those massive MMI groups) and close friends who were also co-applicants. Finally, I practiced with my family, and I beleive this was the key to my success for med school and CaRMS interviews. For approach, general ethical understanding and technique, I picked up skills from practicing wit
  6. I disagree with this -- wholeheartedly. Go into medicine with an open mind. Explore the fields, and once you find something you love, go for it and dont be afraid to be honest about your choices. Medicine is an incredibly small field, and word spreads very fast. If you tell someone you want one thing and end up doing something else, or if preceptors/residents hear from anyone else that you are a gunner for another field yet feigning interest in theirs, it can harm your reputation and their trust in you. Oh and unfortunately for you, they happen to know the folks in your field of interest
  7. I tried cracking some books open during summer but gave up quickly after not realizing what was important to retain. I instead hung out with friends and worked on areas around the field I wanted to go into (did some research, went to a conference, spent a couple of evening shifts with junior residents on call to build my procedural skills). Its a confirmation bias for sure since the match went well for me, but I thought this method helped me in the long run more than reading up on general knowledge. I learned and retained information better when I had patients to interact with and cases to rea
  8. Dude, youll get in. Trust. Message me if you dont get in. Itll teach me something and I'd be happy to give you some pointers (you wont need it, since youll get in!) at that point.
  9. There are no course-specific requirements. So you could have received a lower grade and as long as your overall GPA is high, you will do just fine
  10. Man that commute is Rough! Hope youre able to find better options close to McMac. If this is an elective, you dont want to be drained by the commute, and traveling that long will have its toll after a few days. Try your best to find cheap alternatives in Hamilton (its generally cheaper than other major cities). You may have to bite the bullet on this as 4th year really is expensive, but it's better to pay up now than suffer the consequences of a subpar elective potentially because of your commute/housing issue. Hope you figure something out !
  11. Dang, your classmates did you dirty for not inviting you :S Hope you got DM'd and are now in the group
  12. Work hard, make life easy for them, build rapport, and when you have that, it should come naturally. Better yet, they may offer it at that point! Hopefully you get to work with this person for a few days so that youre able to do what I suggested. You wont get it every time, but Im sure youll get at least one or two! Good luck m8
  13. If it helps, I know a couple of perfect GPAers and 99.9% MCATers from Mac Health Sci who also didnt secure a position after multiple years of interviews. The sampling in this forum isnt that great. Keep trying! Im certain it'll eventually work out for you.
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