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  1. Cool, if you're going the FM route in Australia (like my husband is currently applying for the GP training program right now) you'll have to get your permanent residency before applying. Temporary visa holders (like him) can apply to do their training in rural Northern Territory. Just a heads up - because wish we knew this info sooner.
  2. Yes, already well aware of that. Just simply giving the OP his experience/options after graduating from Australia.
  3. My husband (from Ontario) graduated from an Australian medical school in New South Wales in 2017 and is finishing his second year of internship. (Didn't match back to Canada for FM this year - didn't try for US). Because he is a temporary resident in Australia, to apply into the general practitioner (FM) training program, he can only apply to rural Northern Territory with a letter of support and a statutory declaration stating he will have his permanent residence by the time he completes his GP training. That being said, I'm not sure the process for other training programs here if it's the sam
  4. My husband did his medical degree in Australia, and if we could go back and do it again, I would tell him not to go. Only because we want to return to Canada, and it's extremely hard - if you want to stay in Australia go for it. Not worth the $250,000 debt we're in that's for sure.
  5. According to rxpg, a few users confirmed they received interview invites for Western FM (IMG) on March 15.
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