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  1. Appreciate the reply, I feel like I’m going ahead with the W, hopefully won’t affect me much for UofA and UofC
  2. Thanks for your reply Do you know if interviewers ask about specific grades in panel? I feel like I need to prepare my self
  3. Hopping onto this discussion if you don't mind...I am thinking of applying next year however I a withdrawal in my last semester of fourth year (which made me delay my graduation till fall), Are withdrawals brought up in interviews? kinda clueless on what to expect :/ its my only W btw.
  4. Lurker here, and totally random, just wondering if ualberta only has MMI format, or do they also have panel? Also anyone have an idea about how med interviews are set up?
  5. Okay so I’m 4th year UG and I’m thinking of withdrawing from a class, which means I won’t graduate this spring, but in fall. I’m not too worried about my delayed graduation, I was taking extra courses next fall anyway but how are Ws brought up in med interviews :/ it’s my only W and it’s not just bc I’m flunking the class to maintain a good gpa, I already have 2 C’s and a fair amount of B’s and so I’m borderline at a competitive gpa, 3.8ish I’m sitting at a B-, but that’s only bc of my assignment, I got 50-60% range in my midterms, which supposedly are what the final is like. I fee
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