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  1. Where would you rather practice if you don't get into a Canadian residency?
  2. How do we withdraw from the waitlist? I don’t see the option to withdraw on Minerva
  3. Do each of the academies have options to do rotations in a community hospital, or are some academies more “academically” oriented than others?
  4. Is it an actual day off though? I thought students still have to do something productive, such as research or shadowing.
  5. I received an acceptance to Western but it says unspecified campus even though I chose my preference beforehand. Does anyone know what this means?
  6. Anyone here currently also accepted/WL at Mcgill?
  7. How did the waitlist move so much for IP? Have other Quebec schools sent acceptances as well?
  8. Also interested in this. Does anyone have any data from last year?
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