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  1. Depends on where and how hard you work. That range is correct though. I think you'll have to call places specifically and ask them how much they're willing to pay you (ex: https://www.healthmatchbc.org/Jobs-in-BC/Find-a-Job ). I think a lot of people are Canadian grads so there won't be a ton of knowledge regarding IMG routes.
  2. I don't see the point you're trying to make here. Because people are paid less in a different system we should be paid less too? 6-year direct entry from high school makes a huge difference. Not to mention the social supports those countries have. (France/EU university is essentially free, etc.) Engineers in Canada/US are paid better than their EU counterparts so we should pay them less here too? Or should we follow the factory worker model in Taiwan and pay ours fuck all? Also where did I say that I wouldn't work if I was paid less? You're creating a strawman. Wanting to be paid well for
  3. I'll never understand why people fight so hard to not be paid well for the hard work they do
  4. I mean ortho spine is the antithesis of ortho so I kind of get it. Long surgeries, poor outcomes, chronic issues that can't be fixed easily, turf wars with neuro, god bless those who actually want to specialize in it
  5. 1. Break a bone 2. Kiss ass of orthopod who fixes you 3. ???? 4. Match
  6. Get a laptop stand + wireless mouse / keyboard. A monitor is a big plus if you can afford it. Will help with your posture tons
  7. How's the three year program working out for your clerks now that they've missed half their clinical education?
  8. lol @ people saying that day trading/investing can only have a positive outcome and that you can only gain money. Go wild and report back in a year with the results. I'll enjoy reading about you on MarketWatch
  9. Upper years are a better resource for navigating med school
  10. Californian schools are notoriously hard to get into. That being said, if you have a stellar MCAT, GPA, CV, and 400k plus interest to blow then why not? Purchase the MSAR and you can see which schools accepted international students / out-of-state as well as the admissions average. This is also a good page (https://bemoacademicconsulting.com/canadian-friendly-usa-med-schools) albeit a little dated. tbh idk why you'd want to go to California for med school specifically unless you have family/partner there.
  11. Unfortunately if you don't have at least 1 first author pub in sophomore year of high school you can no longer be considered competitive for ophtho.
  12. You get bumped. Say you've got 4 ortho surgeries slated and then a pacemaker surg absolutely needs to be done. Well your non-urgent ortho surgery gets pushed down the line. So you have to wait another day or so to be operated on
  13. Sadly the AOA is doing its best to keep it alive. COMLEX is stupid on so many levels. RE Why: OMT is extremely lucrative since it's privately administered.
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