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  1. Hey so I'm an ontario resident studying in quebec for the past 4 years of university. If I put my address down as my Quebec address, will I still be considered an in province applicant at schools like Mcmaster (or ottawa - no sure if they have in province preference). I'm mainly asking because I know some schools will accommodate the travel time if you live far (and currently I just have my ontario home address on OMSAS instead of my quebec one).
  2. TIME STAMP: 1:51 pm March 25th Results: Regrets wGPA: 3.90 (don't do engineering kiddos lol) MCAT: met all cutoffs ECs: couple hundred hours of hospital volunteering, community volunteering (as an exec), design team exec, some arts related things, 1 research poster (won an award), a few summer internships for engineering, involvement in a few school councils, and some other smaller things Essays: lightly worked on them for a few weeks, thought they were decent Year: 4th UG Geography: IP
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