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  1. Looking to practice with those who still have to fo their interviews! Dm or reply below if interested
  2. Thanks for your input! I am planning to re-write the MCAT to improve my scores and apply to more schools (I only applied to a few Ontario schools).
  3. Ultimately, I do not see research as a central part of my career as a physician. That being said, I still do believe that I would learn valuable skills that would transferrable to my career as an MD (Eg. critical thinking, analytical etc.).
  4. My stats: MCAT: above cutoffs GPA: 3.99 ECs: diverse; exec for a few health promotion clubs, clinical research for the past 4 years with conferences, abstracts published, no first-author pubs yet but have heavy involvement in the different components of a study, several academic scholarships, long-term volunteering at hospitals, a few years of mentoring youth and university students. A mix of paid and volunteering ECs. Essays: Worked for more than a month on them, and had several people proof-read them. Felt pretty good about them and included a mix of personal experiences
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