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  1. 20 hours ago, Meridian said:

    I think you need to critique why you did not get any interviews.   What is your MCAT breakdown.  How widely did you apply ?  No need to improve on a 3.99, so that is not the concern.   Starting a Master's will delay your ability to apply to some schools.   Maybe a year working and advancing some EC's is a better approach ?

    Thanks for your input! I am planning to re-write the MCAT to improve my scores and apply to more schools (I only applied to a few Ontario schools). 

  2. 1 hour ago, Captrex_501stlegion said:

    Honestly, looking at your stats, i would say that you are a really good applicant. I would consider redoing the MCAT if one of the sections is a bit on the low side. However, if I were you I would also consider a master's. A master's gives you enough info and training about research without being too involved like a PhD and for competitive residencies, research is a pretty big plus. And from what I have seen, a master's in medicine is a really big bonus for your career. A lot of the students in my master's program are residents and physicians (I am part of the undergrad minority), and they all highly recommend one, which is why I just switched from a one year coarse based to the thesis stream. In all, a master's won't hurt you, just benefit you. In a 30+ year career in medicine, what's another 2 years.  

    Thank you for your input! 

  3. 5 minutes ago, hopelessphd said:

    Think about long term, think about your career as a MD, do you think you a masters will help you in the end? 

    Ultimately, I do not see research as a central part of my career as a physician. That being said, I still do believe that I would learn valuable skills that would transferrable to my career as an MD (Eg. critical thinking, analytical etc.). 

  4. My stats:

    MCAT: above cutoffs

    GPA: 3.99

    ECs: diverse; exec for a few health promotion clubs, clinical research for the past 4 years with conferences, abstracts published, no first-author pubs yet but have heavy involvement in the different components of a study, several academic scholarships, long-term volunteering at hospitals, a few years of mentoring youth and university students. A mix of paid and volunteering ECs. 

    Essays: Worked for more than a month on them, and had several people proof-read them. Felt pretty good about them and included a mix of personal experiences and the 4 clusters.

    References: Atleast two of the three were strong and personal.

    Year: 4th year IP

    I received my last rejection to U of T last week, and haven't received any interviews this year. Since I am graduating this year, I really do not know how I can possibly improve my application to get an interview. I am considering applying for a Master's two-year thesis-based program in clinical research, but I have read several threads that made me doubt whether this is a good idea. While I love conducting research, I do not know yet if I want research to be my entire career (assuming I don't get into med after master's). Ultimately, I want a patient-centred career, whether it be as a physician or dentist (considering dentistry as well but did not apply this year). Therefore, if I do a master's, it really would be to get into med (which I don't think is the best reason to do it). 

    Another option would be taking a gap year, but I don't know what I could possibly do in one year to improve my application enough to get an interview. 

    Any feedback and experience on what I should do for the next couple years would be greatly appreciated! I'm sure there are at least a few others who are in the same boat as me and would benefit from any advice. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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