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  1. If you get the email, could you also say whether you can see an offer on OMSAS?
  2. This. In previous years, it took like 3 hours for OMSAS to fully load everybody's offers.
  3. If you don't see anything, there will *probably* not be any updates tonight. While the offers are most likely legit, the absence of them does not mean you did not receive one— OMSAS is sort of a crapshoot, and does not always display everything properly.
  4. do not read into this if you don't see anything. wait for the official emails tomorrow, don't psych yourselves out
  5. I know a few people who graduated from Guelph (biomed and other programs). I have only heard great things— I personally would always recommend smaller universities over larger ones like Western. You will have a higher GPA and better experience at Guelph, unless you have some sort of attachment to London/Western.
  6. 1. You get an email on May 14. You have 2 weeks. So until May 28. The only school that will move it's wait-list before May 28 is Mac, so unless you are waitlisted there, no point in waiting. 2. Not in Ontario. 3. Each university, but OMSAS will update to reflect any offers through which you have to accept the offer. 4. I don't believe so, but the OMSAS manual may be useful to read.
  7. Yes. 3.87 as well for French stream Quebec (outside of Ottawa region)
  8. You need a 70 in all your prerequisites regardless of your stream. The wGPA cutoff is lower in the French stream however.
  9. There is no advantage to being a resident of Ontario, other than McMaster, but you retain that in-province status even after you move away.
  10. Someone I know asked this exact question last year. They calculate your wGPA. So your wGPA has to be above 3.85. Third year x3, second year x2, 1st year x1. I think they say "may revoke" because there is no certainty- you can certainly make a case if you will be below that, but there is no guarantee
  11. Not for OMSAS. It just shows up as a withdrawal. What your school does for GPA =/= what med schools do. I would highly recommend you speak to a program advisor and petition to have the course/grade removed from your transcript on the grounds of the circumstances when you wrote the midterm assuming it is too late to drop it. The chances aren't great but it's worth a shot.
  12. Anybody else planning on not sleeping the night before?
  13. No they won't be able to see that. If it was at the same institutation there may be a VERY small possiblity (but even then they wouldn't care) they can see you applied but otherwise, no chance. People apply to dentistry and medicine and accept the former since it comes out earlier, and are still in the running for MD even at the same institutions.
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