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  1. most doctors dont even get paid much, especially for the amount of time and effort, and sacrifice it requires. with years spent in school and shit pay during residency. nowadays, you can do a 4 yr comp sci degree and get a tech job with a 6 figure salary starting being the norm and even more in the US. It is really gonna be a big slap in the face if they cut physician salary, but it is the government that pays most physicans and they are always looking for ways to shortchange you so you can never really know when they will throw you under the bus.
  2. Go to this thread. to get an idea of typical new grad tech salaries in SV..
  3. I think going to UWaterloo or a top tech school in the U.S. like M.I.T/Ivy League for Comp Sci/ Soft Eng and getting a job in SV/Seattle after graduating with FAANG is far better in terms of pay than Medicine. Fresh grads start at 200k+ USD at like 22 or 23 and salary keeps going up. In tech, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can achieve as you progress in your career. IMO, tech >>>medicine, but too late for me anyways ..
  4. woah. chill! you haven't even started yet. are you also planning to add "Dr." to your name already?
  5. Some students I have talked to from Western have said they are experiencing difficulties with the new curriculum change and also felt isolated. Idk about you but personally, I don''t think I could ever pass up a UofT admit.
  6. Invite/Reject: Rejected IP status verification and date if applicable: Not verified, box blank on Minerva. The rejection e-mail mentions the QC Resident pool. Casper test date: Last one they would accept, Oct 21, 2019?
  7. I talked with a few people since the invites came out yesterday who ranked much higher than cutoffs last year but who were unexpectedly refused yesterday, including myself. We were all IP applicants. Most of us received invites last year or before, have 3.90+ GPAs and ranked in the top 100 in the CV portion last year. As for myself, I would have to have fallen over 100 ranks not to receive an invite if the numbers stayed roughly in the same range as last year. The common thread seems to be our Proof of Residency was never updated to Quebec Resident and our Minerva status just shows "Refused".
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