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  1. Maybe a bit late to reply to this thread but: Definitely possible! This is my third time applying, and just to give you an idea, the first time around I applied during my last year of undergrad and ranked in the bottom third of applicants (550/819 or something like that, don't remember exactly). The second time I applied (which was last year), I ended up getting an interview and placed high on the waitlist (which suuuucked emotionally, but it just shows you can improve like crazy just by doing a masters' and boosting your Casper score a little !). My pre-reqs were really really low,
  2. TIME STAMP: 10:04PM (but got my answer in the morning yesterday, while neurotically checking minerva) Result: Invite ! degree GPA: 3.70 MCAT: Did not submit ECs: First author on research papers on a couple of occasions, some volunteering here and there, lots of work outside of school as well as lab work. Currently in graduate school and loving it, because getting those scholarship awards makes me feel loved again (not something I put on my application since that happened in the past two or three months). Some amateur sports, and a few school awards. Casper: I felt like it went
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