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  1. Hi Everyone! Last night I received MSc. OT acceptances from UofT, Queen's & McMaster. I've also been accepted to Western as well, but only for the combined OT/Ph.D program. After a lot of reflection and consideration, I will not be accepting any of my offers, because I've ultimately decided that the BSc. in Therapeutic Recreation program and a career in Recreational Therapy is a better fit for me. I wanted post as there should be some waitlist movement for you all! For anyone who is wondering my cGPA was 3.79 and my cGPA was 3.96. I know that the admissions process/making
  2. Thanks for all of your feedback/support! Can anyone speak to what Western’s anatomy class is like? I know a 65% is required to pass for OT students.
  3. I've been using sites like Kenhub/Khan Academy and have been really struggling. Do you think this is a sign that I'm not cut out for the program?
  4. Hi Everyone! I'm wondering if anyone has tips for preparing for the anatomy course required for MOT programs (I plan to go to Western). I completed anatomy during my undergraduate degree, but all exams were open book and assignments allowed multiple attempts. I know that this won't be the case in OT school, so I'm wondering, how can I prepare over the summer for the anatomy course I will have to take?
  5. I applied to UofT OT and I. haven't received any correspondence about ACORN. Has anyone else received an email about this? Thanks so much!
  6. Hi Tobi! I also applied and cannot see anything under the To Do List section of Student Centre (it also says that I have no program advisor assigned). I can't seem to access anything in Student Centre as of yet, but I can see that I've applied in the My Applications section (under Term it says 3 2020). I hope this is helpful to you!
  7. I did the same! For my volunteer experiences I included the timeline of my commitment (ex. September 2019- May 2020) but not the hours, unless the organization required that I keep track of my hours, then I included it within my bullet point (ex. Spent 600 hours volunteering). I didn't bother to include the number of hours for every commitment, because it would be a pretty broad estimate! I did mention how frequently I volunteered in the bullet point (ex. weekly). I ended up using the full two pages for my resumes. I'm not sure how I am going to revamp them next year if I don't get in, a
  8. I really struggled with McMaster’s OT MMI! I’m fully expecting a rejection, but I’m glad I had the opportunity to learn more about the process this year. I hope the MMI went better for other applicants!
  9. Has anyone received a link to join McMaster’s remote MMI via Zoom? I received my confirmation email and have read the MMI interview instructions document carefully, but I can’t seem to find the link to actually join the interview anywhere within the email or the document . Will this be emailed on the day of the interview?
  10. It turns out yesterday's offer was buried deep within my junk email! So glad I discovered it!
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if there are any instances where ORPAS calculates the sub-GPA differently or if preference is given to Ontario students. My sub-GPA is 3.96 according to ORPAS, but I did not receive an email yesterday. I have checked my spam folder. Based on this thread, it seems like my sGPA was higher than the cut-off for first-round interview invites receive a first-round interview invites. Does anyone know why I might not have received an invite or have any advice? Thanks so much!
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm planning to reapply to OT school next year and am looking to prepare my personal submissions before the application opens up in the fall. I'm wondering, do the personal submission questions stay the same each application year? Thanks!
  13. @OTMACPLS Best of luck to you as well! If you end up having to reapply next year, I would be happy to compare/review personal statements and CVs! Having an extra set of eyes look them over would be so helpful. Hopefully, you get in so this won't be necessary!
  14. @OTMACPLS Thanks so much! I'm pretty positive that I didn't get in this year due to my application being a mess. Since I'm expecting it, the blow shouldn't be so bad next week! I've done some additional volunteering since applying, so I believe my application will be much stronger next cycle! A western prof has also agreed to be my thesis supervisor, so hopefully, that will help. I will just have to conquer CASPER! I plan to start the application much earlier next cycle, as well, to ensure that it's polished and perfected!
  15. I did not receive an email from Queens regarding scholarships, but I applied for OT, not PT. I'm also probably not the best person to listen to, as I am basically certain that I'm not getting in this year (due to an unpolished CV that I submitted while I was very sick). Sorry I couldn't be more helpful! Have any OT applicants received emails about scholarships?
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