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  1. Congratulations to all who were accepted! If you were accepted and plan to confirm your acceptance and attend Dal, join the Facebook Group: "Dalhousie Medicine: Class of 2025"!
  2. Hey there, the best person to ask this question is to email Dalhousie Medicine admissions (medicine.admissions@dal.ca). They will have a definitive answer for you and they are typically very responsive to email.
  3. This is what is posted on their website for their final score breakdown. You are not told your final score unless you are waitlisted. I don't believe you are ever told your CASPer score.
  4. You will need to get Facebook if you get into Dal. All of the medical students connect on there whether it is to share study resources or student events and everyone uses Facebook messenger as a group chat. The reps will monitor the ask a med student gmail account as well, but you could also make a Facebook so you can monitor for updates! I hope this helps!
  5. For the 2020-2021 application cycle, the last eligible MCAT test date is September 5th, 2020. If you can get a date before then and study/practice seriously before then, I think it is worth rewriting. If you look at the class statistics for the Dalhousie Medicine 2019 incoming class, the average MCAT score was 510 (80th percentile). 503 is the 57th percentile. I think you could still apply to Dalhousie with a 503, but meeting the cutoffs doesn't mean that you'll definitely get in. The MCAT is assessed competitively at Dal for both the interview and the admission offer, so every extra poi
  6. I mean, I'm not an expert on what you should include, but if that is something that is really important to you, I'm sure your interest and passion`would come across in your essay if you wrote about it. I know that cultural safety in healthcare for Indigenous people is an important topic explored in the curriculum in first year. There is also an Indigenous Health Interest Group at Dalhousie University (https://www.dalihig.com). It also might be helpful to reach out to the admissions committee over email for clarification on what the essay should focus on, or perhaps post in the Facebook group w
  7. Hey again, I'll try my best to respond based on what I know. On their website, it says: "Interview selection for Non-Maritime applicants is determined by GPA, MCAT, CASPer and supplemental information regarding applicant's compelling reasons for choosing Dalhousie Medicine." I took this to mean that your GPA, MCAT, and your 250 word maritime essay were given a score and assessed competitively. For the CASPer, if you meet the cut off, you're good to go, they don't assess it competitively beyond that. These elements combined get you an interview. From there, if you are invited to an interv
  8. I would say go for it! For OOP applicants, in past years, the interview offers are based on GPA, MCAT, and maritime connection essay. Your GPA and MCAT are competitive for OOP, you just need to write a strong maritime connection essay. The admissions committee will be looking at why you are interested in Dalhousie. I would recommend looking at their website and seeing what Dalhousie Medicine has to offer. They have a focus on exposing students to rural medicine, with lots of opportunities like a Family Medicine Trips (where you visit rural Nova Scotia and learn clinical skills early)
  9. I completely agree with this. Diversity in age, educational background, life experiences, etc. make classes richer. There are younger students who will surprise you with their maturity and ability to adapt to new and difficult situations. There are older students in my class who had whole lives before coming to medical school. Some were pharmacists, veterinarians, nurses, paramedics -- I love when they share their perspective in class or tutorial. While I think medical students of all ages have the potential be successful, having a few more years and life experiences can help enorm
  10. I highly recommend watching the videos made by Ali Abdaal. It's free and so helpful. I watched all of his videos before starting medical school and I found them so helpful in focusing my studying.
  11. I recommend that you call or email the Dalhousie Medicine admissions office directly for questions around application requirements. They are so nice and will answer your questions the most accurately. It's really important to understand the requirements to apply and get information right from the source. It does seem like they would use your first three years to calculate your GPA, but it's important that you check with the admissions office. I hope this helps!
  12. Oops, sorry I mixed that up a bit. I think it was definitely Saturday AM, Saturday PM, and an AM session on Sunday. But I think there were more tracks in Halifax.
  13. Hey there, This is not quite correct, at least for Halifax. In November 2019, there were 4 tracks (12 students each), and 3 sessions (Saturday AM, Saturday PM, Sunday AM). So in Halifax alone, it would have been (6x48 = 288) and then I believe another 96 interviewed in Saint John on the Saturday AM/PM. So the number should be closer to 384. As far as I know, no one cancelled at the last minute and all the students in Halifax checked in as expected. Each year, they typically interview around 50-60 OOP candidates (there is a bit of variation on this based on applicant pool and who mak
  14. Just a heads up, there is apparently a wind storm in Nova Scotia and the power is out and according to twitter Dalhousie University was closed this afternoon. There may be a delay with the invites.
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