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  1. EDIT: No longer available, switched already school interviewing at: McMaster specialty: Psych current interview date: March 8 date would like to switch to: March 26
  2. I went through a very similar experience and had a lot of similar thought processes in my first year. A few things that may help: 1) Mentorship is incredibly important and you need to advocate for this. Not sure what school you go to but try to talk to student affairs and be connected to residents or docs. Many have had these thoughts related to burnout and they can provide valuable perspective / challenge some of these thoughts 2) When COVID settles down try to get some clinical shadowing in. I found it really helped bring back why we're here in the first place. Preclerkship c
  3. What's the breakdown like for billing in Ontario for in-patient vs outpatient psychiatrists?
  4. I was told by a staff that with the OMA's recent relativity changes, psychiatrists are getting the second highest increase at 8%? Not sure if someone can confirm that
  5. Also interested in this! And hearing more about what kind of training one can do & what a practice might look like as a GP psychotherapist
  6. Hey everyone, I was looking around and it seemed like a lot of the threads were older, but I'd love to ask if anyone was comfortable sharing their experiences with mental illness during medical school/residency and what it was like. I'm still a pre-clerk but have had some bad depression & anxiety (which I am getting treatment for, counseling, etc.), but it's still incredibly difficult to deal with in a very high-achieving environment. I'm not so interested in how it affects your applications, etc, and disclosing as there was a thread on that earlier. As some of you may be we
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