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  1. I'm kind of lost in how to prepare for this. I know there's a list of 105 topics - but it seems like you need multiple resources to cover these topics/objectives which is a bit overwhelming. Does anyone have tips?
  2. Hopefully! I'd hate to find out on June 30 that I missed something and get delayed as a result - CPSO being kinda sloppy
  3. How long does it take to get our CPSO numbers after the final payment?
  4. Seems like it's been cancelled permanently - I do wonder if MCCQE will try to create another exam in the near future to replace it. Thoughts? https://residentdoctors.ca/news-events/news/update-17-covid-19-and-exams/
  5. Yikes what happened to Western? Maybe just a function of the class wanting more competitive specialties than usual or Western didn't favor their own applicants - who knows
  6. Oof, peds was super competitive compared to last year (0.75 spots per applicant vs. 0.88 last year)
  7. It's really true. People who grew up affluent are naturally going to have more capabilities to volunteer, more relevant connections whether it's knowing people who got into medicine, healthcare professionals and a way easier time studying in university when they don't need to worry about making ends meet, hiring tutors if they need to
  8. Alberta/Ottawa's unfilled spots in first iteration are ironic considering they were kind of picky with FM interviews - some applicants who were clearly interested in FM didn't get interviews there but did at other more competitive schools.
  9. In a divorce, would half of your RRSP/TFSA/corporation value go to your spouse? In addition, you'd have to pay spousal support as well if you're the higher income earner. A pre-nup wouldn't protect you from this, as it only protects assets you acquired before marriage correct?
  10. Similar! I can't imagine international travel opening up in the summer, but possibly within the country?
  11. It feels so anti-climatic - anything you're doing to celebrate (other than writing the LMCC!) Getting a tattoo? Buying a gift for yourself?
  12. It's easy/low effort for them to do and it's a small thing that could theoretically make a positive difference in how someone ranks their program
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