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  1. It's easy/low effort for them to do and it's a small thing that could theoretically make a positive difference in how someone ranks their program
  2. They may have been super picky? Because Alberta had no problem filling seats in the 1st iteration, it was just Calgary.
  3. Yes they sent out emails on Friday (for me at least) to fill out a Google Doc sheet with your preferred time - check your junk/spam mail!
  4. UofT: closed file - interviewers will only know your name and schoolMcMaster: MPI (mini personal interview); closed as per info sessions this week McGill: Open UBC: closed (5 questions, asynchronous pre recorded interview questions) Dalhousie: closed - only have your personal letter
  5. Good point - for example UBC has 19 FM sites, and for someone who wants to go there, they could get their 18th choice but still match to their top school
  6. Does anyone know how FM interviews are weighted for various programs? I'd assume at least 50% but UBC is the only one that explicitiy gives a weight UBC is transparent - 80% interview and 20% file review
  7. Congrats! Did you application outside of electives scream IM?
  8. Interesting point - if I saw someone with 8 weeks of Surgery Electives and 8 weeks of Internal Medicine electives, it'd look different than 8 weeks of Internal Electives with a Peds, Surgery, Family elective - the latter would seem more dedicated to IM? But I guess the 1st candidate could be just as happy in IM but torn between 2 specialties. I wonder if self-selection for their own students is happening in programs like IM and FM.
  9. Even with a record # of applicants and the parallel planning though, shouldn't the priority of invites go to people who are clearly interested for IM especially if their electives demonstrate that... Sorry to hear all those who were disappointed by the results today - just remember it does not define your worth!
  10. Good to know! I wonder if there was a response deadline for the initial invites and they realized they had some extra interviewing spots but this was some good news
  11. Anyone else just receive a Manitoba FM invite? (Updated on CARMS, but haven't received any e-mail from the school and it seems invites were sent last week based on the tracker)
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