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  1. As someone who is a strong advocate for the #BLM movement, and a POC myself, I somewhat understand the sentiments of @uwopremed, although theirs did sound a little bitter and negative, ngl . As someone that's worked with immigrant families and black/non-black POCs, one large trend I've noticed is that yet another barrier to representation is family income. the BSAP program at UofT is fundamentally a force for good to increase representation by understanding the discrimination and disadvantages many black Canadians face. BUT, my experiences have led me to understand that black students/f
  2. I could just imagine her reading these comments - she'd be so creeped out
  3. Some of the people there have already chosen other schools and one of them is my friend (who got in) and his sister (who isn't applying for med lol).
  4. After taking a year off to do a masters program - I can safely say that I agree w/ @VanD. I matured through the process and developed my interests further. Interests and professional skills that will undoubtedly help me in med school this fall! Doesn't have to be a Masters, but seek experiences med/non-medical that genuinely interest you. Imagine medical school didn't exist. What else interests you? Are you interested in global health? public health? social activism? economics/business? hard science and research? Here's an extreme example: Steve Jobs (late founder of apple) had a st
  5. How long does it take for the -1000 to show up on your student centre? Mine is still at 0.00 and we paid on Thursday
  6. Is your student number the same as what was originally assigned to you in the interview invite? Is there any way I could find my student number on the Western Student centre? I paid the 1000 deposit 3 days ago and I am yet to see the -1000. Could it be because it's the weekend? (sorry, lots of questions)
  7. Hello, I am having difficulty understanding how I am supposed to submit a completion letter from my Grad school. Am I required to submit the completion letter to OMSAS or do grad schools submit it directly? The completion letter requires my signature and the grad school chair's signature. Please advise, I am pretty lost with this and I want to get it out of the way.
  8. Guys, question about the deposit. We don't make the payment through the student centre, do we? Because nowhere does it say "Pay deposit" or 1000$ balance owing like I thought it would. Please help, need to pay the deposit before Schulich changes their mind
  9. With the revolt against McMaster's selection criteria, this school (and other Ontario schools) might have less waitlist movement
  10. My guess is over 120.... given 30 people on this forum confirmed they received one. Out of 120 - I am assuming they will give offers to 50 on May 12th and waitlist the rest!
  11. Wow 11 people that have the button and NO interview at Mac. Could one of these 11 lovely people please come forward and tell us what interviews you had that weren't Mac and confirm you have the "Reset Response" button?
  12. Could the 2 people with NO Mac interview and the button, please come forward
  13. Hopefully? bruh this is such a shitty way of people finding out they got offers/rejections... For stat purposes: I had Western, UofT, and Queens (including online panel). NO button.
  14. Agreed! I would also hope it includes remaining objective and refraining from passing judgement without convincing evidence.
  15. @takasugi.... This person was simply trying to understand what options are available to help fund his/her medical education. Nothing wrong with trying to legally gain status in a different province for better financial outlooks, or at least inquire... That was a bit rude and insensitive to think someone's trying to "mooch off another province".
  16. Based on the accepted/rejected/waitlist threads it's usually a mixture of good/decent/bad... Horrible and AMAZING are generally very rare impressions given by people who get in..
  17. It's pretty unpredictable given I got my acceptance as a Canadian on April 22nd last year. However, this year, the adcoms are extremely busy because the India symposium (requirement for the degree) had to be moved online and it's a very very hectic time for the faculty. Best of luck, RF123
  18. By the looks of this and the poll, most people from this forum either got the interview or got straight rejected Only 3 people in the polls claimed to have been waitlisted.
  19. Another way that we can look at it is, the admissions committee has still not made a final list of individuals to give first round offers to... This would require the finance departments to request all applicants for supporting doc. And UofT has a pretty high post-interview acceptance as it is, so it isn't THAT big of a waste. And and, maybe people that had horrible interviews and know they'll be rejected haven't bothered to apply for this (I know this is pretty presumptuous).
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