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  1. Got into Mac's PA program with a 3.55 cGPA! Feel free to message me, been in that exact same position.
  2. Current Mac PA student here. I am quite certain the admissions committee does not read that stuff on OUAC. You can fill in some details if you want? But it should not have any bearing on your application. For McMaster, as long as you submit the OUAC application and have a minimum OMSAS cumulative GPA of 3.0 then you will be sent a link to the supplementary application. Then, after completing the supplementary application it will be used in combination with GPA to select interview invitees (usually 72 invites for 24 spots in the program).
  3. Hey, current Mac PA student here. I have a similar background. Feel free to message me!
  4. Christine Elliott, the minister of health for the government of Ontario came on record (on October 16) to say that the government was committed to making PAs a regulated and licensed profession, registered under the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. This process will probably unfold over the next several years, but this promise is the best thing to have happened in terms of stabilizing the future of the profession.
  5. (Edit: sorry if this is absolutely the wrong place to comment this but I saw people were upset and wanted to help in anyway I could. Feel free to move it elsewhere!) Hi everyone, congrats to everyone who was admitted to Mac Med this year! I’m a first year PA student at Mac, and wanted to chip in some ways that we have made online PBL more engaging. Although we’re in different programs, I imagine the content in first year is virtually the same and these general tips should still apply: 1. If you are using Google Hangouts for your call, make sure you use the “Tiled” layout (whi
  6. Just a friendly reminder that a lot of PAs are also encouraged to participate in research and be able to practice evidence-based medicine so many will either have their masters/PhD before entering PA school (1/4 of my class) and many will go on to complete graduate education after to keep research and teaching opportunities open to them However, many of us do admire the amount of time MDs have spent training and feel reassured in their supervision of us and as mentors!
  7. Hello! I’m a current PA student and thought I would chip in. I think I might be the only one commenting here so far, so I’m going to acknowledge my bias as I’m obviously a huge supporter and advocate for the profession’s growth in Ontario and Canada as a whole. It’s funny how there is radio silence on this forum until something remotely controversial happens and people start talking - I recognize that is good though, seeing conversations happen among students and professionals outside of the PA sphere. I am in support of PAs receiving pandemic pay, full stop. It is co
  8. Your best is to send the payment right now/today and email the program to explain. Worst case Ontario they decline the payment and don’t let you apply.
  9. To answer your questions: yes they can work in sport medicine (physiatry and orthopedics are both areas where PAs currently work), no they typically do not travel with a pro level sports team (these positions are generally reserved for physicians), and generally speaking PAs do not work abroad. If you want to work abroad you should strongly consider going to medical school. The PA profession in Canada is still growing, and we need Canadian trained PAs who are going to stay and work in Canada to help grow the profession.
  10. Congratulations on getting into the PA program! It seems like you have a tough decision ahead of you. If you aren't 100% sold on the idea of being a PA, then you should probably give up your spot to someone on the waitlist. Being a PA is not supposed to be seen as a "stepping stone" into medical school. PAs are competent professionals who practice medicine with indirect or direct supervision, but more importantly work as part of a health care team to treat patients. If this sounds appealing to you, and you like the idea of a career in medicine with flexibility and lateral mobility, then you sh
  11. Join the facebook group here if you were accepted: https://www.facebook.com/groups/651724981940951/
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