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  1. @FlameColonelwhat did your status change to and where did you find this information?
  2. where did you get this information?
  3. I got my rejection letter after the class was finalized early August last year
  4. That was worded so well. What a good summary of the crap we put up with this year. Absolutely unbelievable.
  5. Yeah, like last year I was waitlisted middle third and never got in. So unfair that he gets a chance that I didn’t. Anyways maybe it’s for the best
  6. Yeah, the dude is in. He payed his deposit. The whole situation sickens me. We all got played
  7. So apparently 33/34 spots are filled for the orientation - my friend just told me. Looks like another disappointing year
  8. Guys I think we should wait at least one more week before sending anybody anything further. My friends in dent are telling me that lots of faculty go on vacation this week. Another friend just told me as well that her class rep was in contact with someone from admissions today and that a lot of the college in general has been talking to the dean and admissions. I don't think we should try to this extreme at this point.
  9. Has anybody tried to contact the u of s or the dean of dentistry? This is not okay that we’re not even getting a reply. This is incredibly unjust and we have a right to know what is going on.
  10. I have a hunch that they’re leaving the last spots for the top third
  11. Guys I think it’s too big of a coincidence for NONE of the top to hear anything. Maybe they are just going from bottom to top. There’s no way that if we’re more qualified than some people that we don’t hear anything.
  12. Do you guys think they’re moving from bottom to top ?
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