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  1. Rejected after being waitlisted last year... Score: 70.13 Lost 6 supplemental points compared to last year. That's with the average being 2 points higher this year. Confused, angry, no idea where to go from here, thinking about moving on to something else with life. Absolutely beaten
  2. Last year through personal experience they came out at noon sharp (I have my letter downloaded at 12:01 pm on the 15th of April last year). But there isn't a defined time. As someone posted with the dates, it varies the time of day. At about 2 pm I typically lose hope and move on to the next day lol
  3. I'm ready for the firing squad. But real talk I was just passing on what I was told from the person who confirmed the date for me last year. Sorry for the panic/nerves/anxiety. I felt that if a date was thrown out others would want to know! Looking like next week, fingers crossed it's early Now go enjoy your weekends people, you deserve it. Whether it's today, Monday, or two weeks from now, nothing will change what's in that letter, you did what you could, take some time for yourself
  4. Dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives (talking about checking your email and loading up this forum every 5 minutes)
  5. I'm not sure. Last year was a complete anomaly obviously with COVID, but if I'm not mistaken, this will be the latest they've sent out decisions outside of the COVID disruption in the last 10 years or so
  6. I get dates not details unfortunately They were correct last year in April but hey they could be completely wrong this year. It's a rumour based on my understanding amongst the students, so I would take it with a grain of salt and hope it's the truth! But if tomorrow isn't the day pls don't shoot the messenger
  7. I totally understand where you're coming from (feels like I'm writing the CASPER again lol). We have been waiting with anticipation since November as the time for decisions looms closer it's tough to not let it consume your brain, especially when it could be any day, or a week from today. We just don't know. I'm with you and wish it was a concrete date where we didn't have to worry each day waking up because that begins to take a toll on you. But, admissions has their process for getting things done and we just have to trust that they take their time to make a correct informed decision for eac
  8. I imagine they do have a concrete date in mind, but this information has never been made public in the past so I don't think admissions themselves would explicitly tell us now. We just need to be patient, as tough as it is. They have a difficult job so we just have to wait out the process and hope for the best!
  9. The wait for our decision letters has a lot of free real estate in my head. Hard to get anything done
  10. Fingers crossed they're completely wrong and we find out this afternoon though
  11. This is the same person who gave me the heads up last year the day before but hey, you do you fam
  12. So I heard from someone reliable it's going to be Thursday Hope they're wrong and it's earlier, but I shall try to relax until then
  13. Too bad Dal didn't tell us a day they hope to send out letters before like MUN
  14. There's no information regarding the interview breakdown. That would be kind of cool/nice to be able to gauge your chances. In regards to the breakdown, the in province specific ones are all government funded so they determine how many seats based on how many they pay for kind of thing.
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