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  1. 3.86. Also, I applied to another masters program as a backup if I didn't get into OT, and the same invited prompt showcased on acorn for me three days prior to my actual admittance email.
  2. I just graduated from UofT, and also see invited on my acorn (for OT)!
  3. Thanks for the response! I would assume it would not affect getting an acceptance from OT, but its always best to be safe and ask. Thanks for saving me the time of emailing .
  4. Hey guys, I got accepted to a different masters program at UofT which requires a decision to be made by the next week. As UofT OT is my first choice and decisions don't come out until late May I am thinking of accepting just as a back up, and then withdrawing my acceptance if I get into OT. I don't mind losing my deposit for the masters, my only worry is the admissions office for OT would be able to see I already accepted a different program and possibly pass by my application? I am wondering if anyone was in a similar situation.
  5. Hi! I'll be applying to OT this year, and some written submissions have the same question for different schools. Am I able to use the same response for each school? My only concern is that their may be turnitin, and be flagged by each school. Thanks
  6. To all the people who got rejected, around what GPA did you guys have. I am planning on applying next year, and want to know what the competitive cut off is around.
  7. What GPA did you get in with? And how did you study for your MMI's. Overall how would you say the workload and classes are in comparison to undergrad?
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