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  1. Anyone who got waitlisted for Western: did you receive the blue square meaning "waitlist accepted" instead of "waitlist offered"? Also does it say '3 2019'?
  2. I have received no updates on ORPAS for any of the schools, anyone else experiencing this?
  3. I will be going if not accepted in May as well! I have a conditional offer too but I don't have to complete the learning module! They are just waiting on my grades from winter semester!
  4. Just wondering if anyone is heading to GCU for OT/PT? Thought it would be a good idea to have a place to ask questions and discuss the process of moving from Canada to the UK!
  5. I have also been wait-listed, but i'm in the lower half (50-100) unfortunately. I replied to the email they sent me and they got back to me within minutes!
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