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  1. I agree... Seems like in province applicants aren't moving at all this year :/
  2. Nothing Honestly speaking I feel worse now than I did last year when I straight out got rejected. With the last two offers I kept having hope ... like maybe this is it! Just to not get anything.
  3. Check this out from 2012 https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/2012/04/25/offers-process-overview/ I don't think it does... not sure though
  4. This is brutal Thanks for making this thread. I feel like UBCs blog didn't help at all... pretty much every answer was we can't tell you. I feel more antsy being on waitlist than not knowing before yesterday. It's like you're so close to your dream but it's dependent on others dropping the offer. *sigh*
  5. I was rejected post-interview last year It definitely really sucked. On d-day I got my partner to check for me pretty much every 5 minutes since I was a nervous wreck haha and around 1030 am he saw I was rejected and had the saddest look on his face. It was hard to grasp that it was over... felt like I was so hopeful and then suddenly it was just gone. I honestly lost the motivation to function for the weeks after. I eventually moved forward and got motivated to apply again with the help of family and friends . It also helped having to write and defend my thesis at that time... kept me o
  6. Hey! Just a question for those who've applied more than twice ... do y'all feel awkward or have a tough time asking your verifiers to go through this process again ? This is is my second time applying and as May approaches I'm getting more nervous thinking I'll need to apply again. Thanks
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