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  1. Thank you so much for helping me out and taking the type to respond! I really appreciate it
  2. Ouuuu! Perfect! I'll honestly work for free lol Do you mind sharing what your responsibilities were and the department you worked for?
  3. No, no. I was referencing RIM. I thought RIM was optional but based from how avocado_toast worded it, I interpreted it as every student must complete a research project at Dal med in order to receive their MD.
  4. Hello! Thank you for replying!! I greatly appreciated your response and will definitely look into research! Speaking of, I didn't know research was mandatory... which makes it even better! I also looked into volunteering with the Canadian Red Cross in Halifax as an Emergency Response Team Responder. Once again, thank you for your response!
  5. Hey! Thanks for replying! I finished second semester with my last exam on April 11 and received my final marks for second term. Per my meeting with Academic Advisor, I am on track to graduate with distinction, assuming I continue to keep my marks up. As for the connection, I said I dont have any connection other than my friend who graduated from Dalhousie. As noted, I also mentioned that I shouldnt include her because the essay requires me to mention how my connection got me to apply to Dal med.
  6. Hello all! I'll be a second-year student at the University of Windsor come September 2019. I'm really interested in applying to Dalhousie Medical School in my fourth year. In saying so, I decided to start preparing for my personal essay and figure out what to write for the additional 250-word essay for non-maritime applicants. In the short 250 or less word essay, applicants must address their connection to the Maritime provinces. So, here's the thing. I don't have any connection to the Maritime province, aside from one "connection." Which is my coworker, who is my friend, she gradua
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