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  1. Transfers are possible but difficult. Over clerkship, I have seen the following transfers in recent years. However, keep in mind that there are probs were people who were interested in transfers but were not successful ....Try to transfer, and if that does not work you can try the US or re-entry once you are done with your FM residency. Rads --> ortho ( 3 years ago) FM--> peds ( last cycle) IM--> FM ( last cycle) Gen Surg --> FM ( last cycle) Neuro--> FM ( last cycle) FM--> IM( last cycle) peds --> neuro
  2. If you know what you are interested in, then pick U of C!! U of C provides excellent clinical medicine training, and has almost comparable match rates for almost all the primary care specialties Plus your support system is in Calgary!!
  3. We have exactly the same story!! I love my MacBook Air, and would recommend it and will buy it again if my computer stops working.
  4. I personally have not failed in medical school, but I know so many friends who failed in various years. Nothing really happens to them. They just meet with an academic counsellor and discuss why they failed and discuss ways to improve. Not a big deal.
  5. CC3 rotations are the worst. Not only do you work 80+ hours in general surgery but you also need to study for your exams. Paul Bolin/Osmosis/surger101 podcasts and videos are super helpful for gen surgery. Also feel free to PM you and I will share with you my Gen surgery high yield notes You are almost done with CC3 and that's amazing. Electives are much easier and you don't have to worry about exams during electives, you are almost there
  6. How many hours one has to work in rural ED to be able to sit and write the CCFP-ER examination?
  7. Which province do you practice in? And how did you challenge the exam?
  8. When I was looking at CaRMS website, a fair number of programs in MSM, FM/ES had MSPR in their evaluation criteria. However, I was not sure if these are medical student or residency ITERS.
  9. Does your medical student MSPR matter when you apply for training during residency?
  10. Does your medical student MSPR when you apply for training during/post residency? And For which programs?
  11. You can request to work with certain preceptors - they usually try to honor your request if there is space/availability.
  12. My exam just got cancelled - and the earliest exam I can find is at end of July What would happen if I do my MCCQE1 exam that late.. what are the repercussions?
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