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  1. How many hours one has to work in rural ED to be able to sit and write the CCFP-ER examination?
  2. Which province do you practice in? And how did you challenge the exam?
  3. When I was looking at CaRMS website, a fair number of programs in MSM, FM/ES had MSPR in their evaluation criteria. However, I was not sure if these are medical student or residency ITERS.
  4. Does your medical student MSPR matter when you apply for training during residency?
  5. Does your medical student MSPR when you apply for training during/post residency? And For which programs?
  6. You can request to work with certain preceptors - they usually try to honor your request if there is space/availability.
  7. My exam just got cancelled - and the earliest exam I can find is at end of July What would happen if I do my MCCQE1 exam that late.. what are the repercussions?
  8. Although it's unlikely that OP can transfer from IM to plastics in Cda, OP may consider US. It's obviously still very competitive with small success rate- but OP can participate in first iteration in ERAS.
  9. well that's how transfer spots open up - when residents leave the program.
  10. Hmmm... not really! I have seen actually people transfer out of plastics to FM. Over the last few years, I have seen several transfers from surgical specialties to FM. Now, to be honest it is unlikely that transfer from IM to plastics may work. However, I do remember when doing my plastic surgery, I met a surgeon who worked as a GP for several years then completed a plastic surgery residency and eventually became a plastic surgeon ( however, he was quite old, and maybe rules back then were lenient).
  11. 1. USMLE --> go to States ? 2. Go to PD, ask for feedback how to improve application and work on it. 3. PGME office inquire about any openings. 4. Do electives in various other cities, b/c u could find a program that's a better fit for you.
  12. Can you please share USMLE resources with me as well. I'm planning to write my USMLE in upcoming months.
  13. it also involves a 2 month elective trial period from april to july so program can decide if u r right fit and vice versa.
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