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  1. I dislike how this test is going to score you in terms of how close your opinions/perspectives are to the the opinion of current residents/physicians ( as if the opinions of current residents/physicians are the gold standard) lol.. I had to do this test as part of research project few months ago and I had to enter my demographics,and I thought overall it was a fun test to do... However, it was not different than any SJT I have previously done and I just don't understand how this test is going to be helpful in selecting applicants, especially FM applicants. This test is similar to MMI and CaS
  2. I don't understand what is the point of these exams. Most FM applicants ( and even individuals who are clearly backing up with FM) end up with interview at every school they apply for. These exams are just a money grab and a waste of time.
  3. haha that makes sense now. I did not know that almost 1 in 4 FM residents did not pick FM as their first choice. I wonder what is the burn out rate and satisfaction rate with the field given the high proportions of individuals who did not pick it as their first choice specialty.
  4. Based on the above stats, 12/ (12+33)=27% of FM residents did not choose FM as their top choice speciality. That is actually quite a high number lol
  5. This is quite unfortunate. A lot of time paediatricians are almost paid similar to family doctors despite the difference in years of training ( 2 years vs 5 yrs), and now they plan to extend their training... that makes no sense.
  6. I heard that in the upcoming years, people will have to complete 4 years of paediatrics prior to applying to fellowship. Is that true? Thanks!
  7. FM accepts you with minimal to no electives. I had 1 wk of FM electives and received interviews at every school in Cda including UBC and U of T ( which are apparently more competitive). So maybe 2-3 electives would be more than enough to match to FM. I also had research in a different field - not sure if that was helpful or an impediment to my FM applications! However, it all worked out and I got FM interview in every Cdn FM program. The nice thing about knowing that you want to do FM is that you can relax during clerkship, because it is not competitive to match to FM wherever you prefer.
  8. I know it is low, but matching to the States is a very viable and easier option. Most of the people I know actually matched to the States ( and not Cda) and they believe their decision to leave Cda to pursue medicine elsewhere allowed them to grow a lot as person. Most of them have lots of debt, but they can pay that debt easily in first few years of practice. I am just here to provide another view other than the fear mongering associated with studying in USA or Ireland.
  9. I got into med school 3 years ago. I also review applications and interview applicants. I am suggesting to go to the States and Ireland because I have seen ppl succeed over and over again -but perhaps every single friend I know was dedicated and managed to get a residency ( so my sample could be very biased and its small,n=7, they also mostly got residency right after graduation). Finances is a big hurdle, I understand. But if you keep waiting in Cda, you are also losing years of potenail income. However it is a personal decision. I am a person who is more risk tolerant, but i understand not
  10. 1. GPA is not a big deal. Trust me! The majority of my friends don't have perfect grades by all means and they are all residents now. You are relying too much on it - you need to diversify your application.They do not not penalize low GPA because i just told you myself and all my friends have low GPA and we are all currently residents. They may penalize low GPA and lacking in other areas as well though.They look at things holistically. It is also not even "penalize" - they don't penalize it lol. There are just too many good applicants to pick from. 2. Every single person who left to stu
  11. GPA is not everything -- I got into both medical schools ( u of c and a) with a very low GPA. I don't think your GPA is what is impeding you, you need to focus on other areas (aka your interviews if you are getting ones)... If it makes you feel better, my wGPA was 3.75 and cGPA was 3.4, and I had no graduate degrees. Stay in grad school if you enjoy it - try your best to get good grades... but it is not end of world if you don't get good grades. You need to learn how to deal with failure or not meeting your own expectations/standards... because when you get into medicine that will happen
  12. I am sorry that this happened-perhaps trying doing MCAT princeton review course. It was very helpful
  13. TBH preceptor should be the one to pay for costs - if preceptor is not helping with paper ( financial and otherwise)- then I'd recommend that you don't take on this opportunity and find a better research supervisor.
  14. I got FM interviews everywhere with 1 week of FM elective. I applied to CaRMS with 2 FM ref letters. One from my core and one from my 1 week elective. I don't know about AP - but my friend matched to AP with no electives prior to CaRMS. However she did 1 elective after CaRMS deadline.
  15. Transfers are possible but difficult. Over clerkship, I have seen the following transfers in recent years. However, keep in mind that there are probs were people who were interested in transfers but were not successful ....Try to transfer, and if that does not work you can try the US or re-entry once you are done with your FM residency. Rads --> ortho ( 3 years ago) FM--> peds ( last cycle) IM--> FM ( last cycle) Gen Surg --> FM ( last cycle) Neuro--> FM ( last cycle) FM--> IM( last cycle) peds --> neuro
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