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  1. Has it traditionally been on the first day of the range they give out?
  2. When are the invites/rejections coming out??!! The school hasn't announced anything in a while. Has anyone called in to ask? Every time I call it goes to voicemail.
  3. In preparation for interview invites that should be out fairly soon. Result: GPA: MCAT: Current Degree: Geography (IP/OOP): Extracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): CASPer:
  4. does anyone know when the interviews are supposed to come out?
  5. Are you guys prepping just in case you get an interview? Or have you heard back from Calgary already?
  6. Does anyone know when interview invites are supposed to come out for this cycle? Also, if we fail to get an invite, will they let us know right away or only after they finish sending all of the invites out?
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