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  1. Hey everyone, I wanted to start off by saying if you don't get the news that you were hoping for this year, I am so sorry. This process can seem so daunting and outright impossible at time. I know everyone says "there's always next year" and that probably isn't what you want to hear but truly this isn't a matter of if you'll get in but when. If this is what you want to do, never give up. You WILL be a doctor if this is where your heart lies! This was my 5th consecutive application cycle and I am so grateful to be able to say that I was offered a seat off the waitlist yesterday (IP) at 1:24pm (
  2. Congrats on getting in where you want to be! Did you get a Calgary offer this morning?
  3. How many more got offers today? I noted 2 on **DELETED**
  4. Result: Reject Timestamp: 9:11 Geography: IP GPA: 3.91 MCAT: 127.75 Degree: BSc in Biology ECs: 8 Interview: I thought it went well This was my 6th cycle. I am completely and utterly defeated. The previous cycles have left me with glimmers of hope for improvement which has helped me stay resilient. This cycle has ended me and I have no clue what to do moving forward. Medicine is all I want to devote my life to..
  5. Wow that's a good MCAT score! I'm in a similar boat as you albeit with a lower MCAT score. I'm not quite sure how to improve the EC score with UofA. Would anyone with recent success with writing the PA section be able to shed some light on what type of writing they prefer in there? It seems to me UofA has recently shifted more weighing towards ECs in general.
  6. I would love to join! If anyone could PM me I’d appreciate it
  7. I’d be interested! Please DM me.
  8. U of A PT wait list usually moves 20-25 spots. They usually also tell you what spot you are. Best of luck!
  9. Is that common? It's odd that they never mentioned anything about that possibility in the rejection email
  10. Did anyone else get an interview invite after initially getting a rejection letter?
  11. It's a blast! There are 3 physical locations that you can be at. Edmonton, Camrose or Calgary. Camrose (10-12 peeps) and Calgary (20 ish peeps) are the satellites that more often than not join into the larger (80-90 peeps) Edmonton class for lectures and labs. It's a seamless process and I would argue being at the satellites is much better for all the hands-on labs as you have more 1-1 time with your instructors. The 'TA's for every specific hands-on labs are brilliant as they are all established and well-experienced CURRENT practicing physiotherapists that take time out of their busy work sch
  12. Long answer short: Not really. If you are to be a licensed physiotherapist in Canada, it doesn't matter where you get your education everyone ends up writing the exact same nation-wide certification exams. Having said that though, most physiotherapy students eventually end up getting a job at one of their placements throughout their program. More 'established' institutions have a wider and more expansive network of clinics/hospitals which means you would have greater exposure and potential with them. Once you have graduated though, it's all fair game. You're as much as a physiother
  13. Hey there! Nice job at reaching out and trying to get help for yourself. You are right, prevention will be your best medicine while you're still as young as you are. I am based out of Alberta so I'm not 100% sure how physiotherapy works over in Mississauga. However, I am pretty sure you still don't need a doctor's referral for consulting a physiotherapist. The best way to go about addressing all your specific questions is to do a quick google search of physiotherapy clinics in your area and give them a call. They would love to answer all your insurance/funding/injury inquiries that you h
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