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  1. congrats on getting in !! I am a future applicant and am starting to think about my personal statement. What did you guys talk about? What is considered a disadvantage? Kind of lost on how to start this personal statement. any advice is appreciated
  2. I would do the 5th year with an aim towards a GPA > 3.95 & then do your masters for those pubs. Continue doing research while you're in 5th year. Follow this and you'll have a 2 yr GPA at 3.9x with 2 + pubs hopefully.
  3. Melb uses at 2-2-1 method for GPA, Source:https://www.oztrekk.com/programs/dentistry/PG/melbourne.php and in my email from oztrekk, the reported dat average was 19.
  4. just looked into the conditional offer, looks like I can apply this year!
  5. I created a discord where we can talk!! https://discord.gg/MVXqRW
  6. same issue here! I decided to take it this summer and graduate in the fall. Don't think I can apply for this cycle though
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